Australia – unforgettable campervan holiday !

So beautiful and so far… but an absolutely original and interesting continent! Having the chance of spending 2 weeks on this continent was still too little to discover it properly but I always… Continue reading

The 2 must – see beautiful beaches in Boracay – Philippines! Are you thinking about exotic holidays?

BLUE starfish and not a step without shades! White powder beaches and crystal clear sea, where there is no need to snorkel to be able to see hundreds of colourful fish or blue… Continue reading

PALERMO – a city where the taxi driver invites you for a cup of coffee!

The scents of coffee and local cakes in a small overloaded café where our taxi driver Sylvo invited us to are just wonderful! It is only “just 10am” and it is just the… Continue reading

Geisha, maiko and me!

(Place of action Kyoto, Capital city of Japan until 1868) She is sitting in front of me, beautiful like a doll! Maiko- a Geisha apprentice!  We can meet them only in Kyoto.  She… Continue reading

I love shopping! Or how to buy plenty of things that I don’t need.. Maybe a wrestling cricket?

(Place of action – Shanghai, largest city in China) We can obtain everything here; it is just necessary to know WHERE and for HOW MUCH! At first, I’d like to warn you that… Continue reading

Shanghai I. – “YUMMY.”

I’d like to eat something good…or how does „Chinese“ taste in „China“! (Place of action- Shanghai, largest city in China. First stop- a little something about food.) We are sitting at a beautiful… Continue reading

Marseille- European Cultural City of 2013! A Hidden jewel of the Mediterranean

For A. Dumas readers, it may not come off as a surprise that the most significant (literary) hero was the Count of Monte Cristo, who was supposed to be imprisoned in a fortress… Continue reading