Geisha, maiko and me!

(Place of action Kyoto, Capital city of Japan until 1868) She is sitting in front of me, beautiful like a doll! Maiko- a Geisha apprentice!  We can meet them only in Kyoto.  She… Continue reading

MILLIONS….of cars around me, or How to get from point A to point B.

(Place of action- Shanghai, largest city in China.. Second stop- something about the transport) Old, new, small and big cars, buses, trucks, vans are continuously rolling on multi-lane highway. The traffic jam peak… Continue reading

I love shopping! Or how to buy plenty of things that I don’t need.. Maybe a wrestling cricket?

(Place of action – Shanghai, largest city in China) We can obtain everything here; it is just necessary to know WHERE and for HOW MUCH! At first, I’d like to warn you that… Continue reading

Shanghai I. – “YUMMY.”

I’d like to eat something good…or how does „Chinese“ taste in „China“! (Place of action- Shanghai, largest city in China. First stop- a little something about food.) We are sitting at a beautiful… Continue reading

Marseille- European Cultural City of 2013! A Hidden jewel of the Mediterranean

For A. Dumas readers, it may not come off as a surprise that the most significant (literary) hero was the Count of Monte Cristo, who was supposed to be imprisoned in a fortress… Continue reading