Beijing – a touch of amazing history!

Capital city of CHINA has long unique history back 3 millennia but on the other side is modern, cosmopolitan city with more than 21 millions inhabitants! That is real reason discover a little bit some of its world famous place. We spent fantastic long weekend and enjoyed every minutes!


  • FORBIDDEN CITY – It is really magic and impressive place – Chinese imperial palace from MING Dynasty to the end of the QING Dynasty (1420-1912). And City was almost 500 years political center of Chinese government. Now, is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world! No wonder, this special place has over 14millions visitors annual!!!
  • SUMMER PALACE – Largest and most well preserved Royal Park (1750) and popular tourist destination. Park is masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design.
  • TIANANMEN SQUARE – is a really large city square and contains the monuments to the heroes of the revolution, National Museum of China, The Great Hall of the People or Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.
  • TEMPLE of HEAVEN – this is an amazing and unique temple that Emperors visited during the Ming and Qing dynasties to pray for a good harvest.
  • MY TIP – THE BEST is GREAT WALL of CHINA – (1987 was listed as a WORLD HERITAGE in UNESCO) in which is one of the greatest man-made projects on earth and more than 2.300 years old…most of today’s relics are the Ming Dynasty. The best time for to visit is in autumn and when you are lucky you have cool and clear weather and impressive scenery view from the top of the Great Wall (the highest place is about 14m – in BADALING area and the average height is almost 8m)! I have to say that was unforgettable and wonderful trip, if you are in China – must simply see it! The GREAT WALL is part of Chinese culture and one of the greatest wonders of the WORLD.

 Another interesting places are also MING TOMBS (close to the Great Wall), NATIONAL MUSEUM of CHINA, original HUTONG area, or if you need relax in the heart of noisy city (my tip) you can go to the BEIHAI PARK! This charming and unique place is oldest and most authentically imperial gardens in China. It has history of 1000 years. Especially in the early morning is really peaceful and you can see local people doing morning exercises, dancing, singing or playing games.

The Chinese are infamous for eating “everything” and there are plenty of street snacks or special night market where you can try what you want – for example deep-fried scorpion! GOOD TO KNOW that Beijing has long rich tradition of imperial cuisine with big influence of Mongol, Muslim or Buddhist vegetarian recipes. But definitively I recommend you for dinner go to the special restaurant and eat fabulous – PEKING DUCK, JIAOZI boiled dumplings or MONGOLIAN Lamb HOT POT and drink local beer!

City has of course varied and long-colorful nightlife! There are many concerts hall, karaoke clubs, teahouses, original Beijing opera, plenty of special performances and we decided and visited special and breathtaking performance of KUNG FU – which is now very popular traditional sport (fighting) – but has a long history in China. It was really good decision. Warmly recommend. Beijing, no doubt, has really unique history and vibrant present!

HAPPY NEW CHINESE YEAR – the year of MONKEY is coming J