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Shanghai – big city with two faces

If are you looking vibrant mega city with original old history with futuristic modern architecture you must visit Shanghai. This very famous place is known like the biggest city in China (more than… Continue reading

Relax in the city

After 4 years of blogging and after traveling to more than 60 countries I decided to make a small recapitulation of the most interesting places. It was really difficult choice! Here are my… Continue reading

Beijing – a touch of amazing history!

Capital city of CHINA has long unique history back 3 millennia but on the other side is modern, cosmopolitan city with more than 21 millions inhabitants! That is real reason discover a little… Continue reading

YANGSHUO – Southern China natural escape

Are you thinking about an adventure in the romantic landscape a little bit far from big and noisy city? There is one absolutely unique region in Southern China that I can suggest you… Continue reading

PANDA, traditional OPERA and excellent FOOD! Welcome to Sichuan in China.

In Southwestern China, there is an agricultural province of Sichuan with its 110 million inhabitants. Its capital city is CHENGDU and it has over 8 million inhabitants. Sichuan is known for its spicy… Continue reading

Far away from anywhere – discover Inner Mongolia

So WHERE are we? We find ourselves in an autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, North of China and close to Mongolian border. We feel completely lost. We don’t speak Chinese and no one… Continue reading

I love shopping! Or how to buy plenty of things that I don’t need.. Maybe a wrestling cricket?

(Place of action – Shanghai, largest city in China) We can obtain everything here; it is just necessary to know WHERE and for HOW MUCH! At first, I’d like to warn you that… Continue reading

Shanghai I. – “YUMMY.”

I’d like to eat something good…or how does „Chinese“ taste in „China“! (Place of action- Shanghai, largest city in China. First stop- a little something about food.) We are sitting at a beautiful… Continue reading