YANGSHUO – Southern China natural escape

Are you thinking about an adventure in the romantic landscape a little bit far from big and noisy city? There is one absolutely unique region in Southern China that I can suggest you to visit! We spent fantastic and a little bit sportive weekend in this small part of China and was really lucky – the weather was good – no heavy rain!

YANGSHUO is a popular tourist small city near to Guilin where is the nearest airport! Around the town you can see wonderful scenery with KARST MOUNTAINS and winding rivers. I highly suggest you to stay at the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat family hotel that provides great standards for families and unforgettable atmosphere (www.yangshuomountainretreat.com).

There are 5 mains reasons WHY you can STOP here:

  • Rock CLIMBING – the famous of many is probably MOON HILL with breathtaking views from the TOP!
  • Take a bamboo RAFT and enjoying fabulous scenes down the river Li.
  • Night FISHING with cormorant – some of local companies offer evening boat trip where you can observe special fishing techniques using that cormorants.
  • Discover charming karst DRAGON CAVE – you can see many original formations of stalagmites and stalactites. They are colorful by neon lights!
  • Explore local countryside by BIKE – there are many possibilities!

There are many hotels, restaurants and bars in the city. You can try local food or even you can go to the Fast Food! We enjoyed also local market and try delicious fruit –POMELO! MY TIP -Most famous dish of Yangshuo is BEER FISH! Fresh carp from the Li River tasted so good!

Finally, I prepare a special recipe just for you …..

FU ZU SALAD – this is really HEALTHY TIP from my teacher LIM from Chinese healthy cooking lessons – she came from South of China to work to Shanghai many years ago. I love it! It takes app. 20min. to prepare a portion for 2-4 persons. What do we need?

150g of TOFU – (Tofu was invented in China about 2nd century BC, it is made from soy milk and has the appearance of cheese, you can add it to salads, soups or prepare it as a dessert! It said to have cleanse effects, vegetarians love it and it is recommended for diets!)

  • 50g carrots, 1tsp of coriander, 1tsp of spring onion and garlic, cut into tiny pieces
  • 1 tbsp. of soy sauce and a few drops of sesame oil
  • 2tsp of wine vinegar and 1-2 chili peppers, depending on how spicy you like it…

We chop, chop, chop… into pretty thin noodles or small cubes.

In a prepared bowl, we mix the tofu, carrots, then we add in the rest. We are done! Serve it with bowls of rice. Enjoy your meal!

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