Advent weekend in London

Hectic city of commerce, arts, education, fashion, entertainment – it is LONDON all together! England’s capital, set on the River Thames, is modern charming city with long and interesting history! We decided spend longer pre-Christmas weekend and enjoyed great decoration with special magical atmosphere in this fabulous month – full of the events.

HERE is my list of MUST-SEE places in London!

  • TOWER OF LONDON is old Royal Palace and fortress and one of the symbols of royalty! William of Conqueror built in 1066 as a demonstration of Norman power.
  • PALACE OF WESTMINSTER is huge building complex and Houses of Parliament. The rich history is from Anglo – Saxons to the present (over 900 years old). The oldest building is Westminster Hall and the famous is Big Ben Tower – originally called Great Bell.
  • WESTMINSTER ABBEY – unique – 700 years old building with special atmosphere – place the coronation church of England, no wonder that every year over 1million visitor coming here!
  • BRITISH MUSEUM – (1753) its collection, numbering some 8 million works – unbelievable! It is among the largest museums in the world… illustrating the history of human culture from its beginnings to the present! Entrance is free and you can spend here all day without problem. The collection from Egypt is really impressive!

What ELSE CAN YOU SEE in London?

Also very famous and interesting places are: TOWER BRIDGE is the classical Victorian bridge in London, if you would like to know more – you can visit special exhibition inside the Towers. ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL is one of most popular sights of London. Iconic LONDON EYE – built in 1988 – is a giant original Ferris wheel and modern symbol of London. And for lovers of arts is really good place TATE MODERN Gallery with contemporary art from 1900 to the present day! Do not miss impressive changing of the GUARD (only once per day) in front of the BUCKINGHAM PALACE – which is home of the British Queen and it is un administrative headquarters of the Monarch with 775 rooms and more than 50.000 people visit the Palace each year as guests to banquets, lunches, dinners!

My secret TIP – if you are interested in classical detective story, you can visit the residence at 221B Baker Street – former home of legendary Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson – created by Sir A.C. Doyle.

Are you HUNGRY and THIRSTY? Here is a good opportunity to taste a BRITISH CUISINE! Afternoon with traditional TEA was great experience for me! The best views of the River Thames from OXO Tower – but finally we have not TEA in pot but Christmas cocktails with special chocolate and Christmas cakes menu – unforgettable! For the diner you can choose from many restaurants and pubs. Pubs sell huge variety of beer, wine and spirits. Do not forget to try local whisky or gin.

There are a few TIPS! Here are some of typical RECIPES like a famous fish and chips, delicious Beef Wellington (my favorite) but smoked haddock Florentine pie and mash potatoes was excellent. But if you have a different taste you can also enjoy good Chinese recipes – in China Town with original atmosphere! I love also fabulous Indian dishes or others exotic food in local small restaurants!

WHAT ELSE for the evening entertainment? It depends what you prefer…

There are many opportunities for shopping or London has all for great entertainment – concerts, theatres or interesting special Tours…for example The Jack the Ripper tour with truly scary shadow atmospheric or Ch. Dickens Tour in old part of the city. But we decided for one of the famous musicales in WEST END! Professional and breathtaking performance with special effects and amazing costumes– The LION KING, was good choice!

Otherwise, you can simply walk and try to imagine how it used to be here a long time ago, how people lived and celebrated the CHRISTMAS TIME.