Provence – charming France

There are many reasons why I love Provence and maybe you will agree with me! If you like spectacular landscape with many small stylish villages (the original houses have typical blue wooden shutters)… Continue reading

Monaco – pearl of the FRENCH RIVIERA

The French Riviera is a very popular holidays place in the southeastern of France –it starts at Marseille and continues Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and ends at Menton. Mediterranean Coastline combines specific… Continue reading

KOS – the legendary island of Hippocrates

Are you looking for a calm but interesting destination? Do you prefer short summer holidays with local atmosphere and original history? I can recommend you the small island KOS which is one of… Continue reading

Switzerland – fairytale land

If we are talking about place with beautiful landscape, famous cheese fondue, top-quality chocolate and the best hand made watches in the world – we are talking about Switzerland – officially the Swiss Confederation… Continue reading

Tenerife – exotic beauty with European taste

Do you know which island of Spanish’s Canary Island is the largest? It is Tenerife. The beautiful island with amazing scenery, excellent weather, interesting history, beauty of the sea with excellent conditions for… Continue reading

Welcome to paradise

Are you looking for an exotic holidays with adventure and comfort? You can choose the week on the CRUISE! We decided for one of the biggest and famous cruise ships – OASIS of… Continue reading

Colors of Amsterdam

Originally posted on Contemporiarty:
An exotic parrot in the park, the rare moments of blue skies above the city, a collection of clichés from around Amsterdam, that rejoice with warm colors even when…

Belgium – taste of history and chocolate

Do you know which country in Western Europe has interesting history, great food and 3 official languages – Dutch, French, German? I am talking about Belgium with only 11,2 million inhabitants! MY TOP… Continue reading

Tuscany (Italy)– love for life

Tuscany combines original art, interesting architecture, rich culture a real natural specific scenic beauty with olive trees also has attracted tourists and visitors since the golden age of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci… Continue reading

Miami – famous vibrant city

You still don’t know where to go for holiday? If you like to spend sunshine days on the wide clean beach and evenings at the restaurants and clubs? I can recommend you MIAMI… Continue reading