Colors of Amsterdam

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An exotic parrot in the park, the rare moments of blue skies above the city, a collection of clichés from around Amsterdam, that rejoice with warm colors even when…

Belgium – taste of history and chocolate

Do you know which country in Western Europe has interesting history, great food and 3 official languages – Dutch, French, German? I am talking about Belgium with only 11,2 million inhabitants! MY TOP… Continue reading

Tuscany (Italy)– love for life

Tuscany combines original art, interesting architecture, rich culture a real natural specific scenic beauty with olive trees also has attracted tourists and visitors since the golden age of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci… Continue reading

Miami – famous vibrant city

You still don’t know where to go for holiday? If you like to spend sunshine days on the wide clean beach and evenings at the restaurants and clubs? I can recommend you MIAMI… Continue reading

Flower kingdom on earth – Keukenhof

„Cheerful and fragrant springtime…Thousands of flowers blooming around the globe, their king is tulip – perfect and fragile at the same time!“ K.P. If you like – spring, beauty, nature and colourful flowers – you… Continue reading

Taipei – fun city of Taiwan

If you are looking for special “mix” of Asian city culture, entertainment, good food, polite people and with a little bit of real original nature – I can recommend Taipei – modern city… Continue reading

Beijing – a touch of amazing history!

Capital city of CHINA has long unique history back 3 millennia but on the other side is modern, cosmopolitan city with more than 21 millions inhabitants! That is real reason discover a little… Continue reading

Advent weekend in London

Hectic city of commerce, arts, education, fashion, entertainment – it is LONDON all together! England’s capital, set on the River Thames, is modern charming city with long and interesting history! We decided spend… Continue reading

YANGSHUO – Southern China natural escape

Are you thinking about an adventure in the romantic landscape a little bit far from big and noisy city? There is one absolutely unique region in Southern China that I can suggest you… Continue reading

Amsterdam – possibly the coolest city!

WHEN YOU PICTURE – special rings of canals with more than 1 000 bridges in down town and thousands of bicycles anywhere…almost everybody knows that you are talking about the capital and largest… Continue reading