Douro Valley and Lisbon – welcome to Portugal!

A small state of grand explorers? How did Vasco Da Gama and his people feel in 1497 as they left to unveil the road to India? He probably didn’t expect he would become… Continue reading

Athens – a city of ancient Gods!

Do you know which world city is known as a city with the earliest human presence (around 11th – 7th millennium BC)? Yes, it is ATHENS – capital and largest city of Greece,… Continue reading

ANGKOR WAT PALACE – 7th Wonder of the World!

It was really a different trip than what I was expecting. As most of other tourists I came to Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat temple but what I truly discovered was… Continue reading

XI’AN (China) – city with the oldest army in the world!

It was my dream for a long time to see the famous Terracotta Army so I was very excited to have an opportunity to spend one long weekend in Xi’an, the capital city… Continue reading

Viva La Roma!

I love Rome – to me it is an ideal mosaic of romance and history in the world. The city cannot be toured in a day, there are so many things to discover… Continue reading

LANGKAWI, Malaysia – Truly Asia & much more

If are you looking for an exotic and idyllic holiday – this destination is something for you. What you can expect? An amazing and original trip into the nature – forested mountains, tropical… Continue reading

VIENNA – beauty on the Danube River!

Vienna is capital and the largest city of Austria, a perfect destination if you are looking for a weekend escape to a city with unique charm and imperial history! The historic city center… Continue reading

Adventures in the Mercantour National Park – South France

We decided spend one longer weekend in the mountains so we took a picnic basket and set off for the mountains… to meet the WOLVES!!! Leaving the Riviera’s famous city Nice, we drive… Continue reading

The heart of Europe – welcome to PRAGUE !

Charming, elegant, beautiful and unforgettable – this all is PRAGUE – capital city of the Czech Republic! If you are looking for unique history, original architecture, a rich mosaic of culture as well… Continue reading

Magical Scotland!

Heavy rain and steel grey clouds welcome us upon our exit from the airport hall. The historical and cosmopolitan EDINBURGH, the capital city of Scotland awaits us! It is the beginning of July… Continue reading