Summer in Switzerland

Are you looking for a short summer brake? Let’s go and discover Central Switzerland! Why? Do you like observing mountains and the valley’s crystal clear lakes? You are in the right place for that.

LUCERNE is a very charming and popular destination in this area for accommodation and one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe!

 HERE are my top 3 must see:

OLD TOWN  – magical and stable place around the river, full of history Chapel BRIDGE  – (1333) is a famous wooden bridge in Europe MUSEGG Wall  – (from 14 century) with a unique view to the mountains around the city and the lake.

But there are plenty things you can do here! You can choose what to do with a variety of choices like:

  • hiking
  • climbing
  • swimming in the lakes
  • paddling
  • horse riding
  • boat trip

MY SPECIAL TIPS – there are two very attractive and interesting places for hiking!

The trips are best when you get up early morning and the weather forecast is a sunny day!

RIGI – (1798m) is called Queen of the mountains (mountain massif of the Alps) offers a variety of walking trails or mountain hikes with beautiful vista points.

From the peak you can admire 620 Alpine peaks and even 13 lakes! Even famous writer Mark Twain visited this special mountain! And how do you get to the top and back? You can choose either to travel by foot, by historical train or by a cable car. A trip to RIGI is also recommended for all kinds of families.

PILATUS is (2 128m) a rocky mountain and ideal for climbing rather than hiking. But, don’t worry, you can take the original train up and go back down by a cable car! The panoramic views around you are breathtaking and unforgettable!

If you are hungry, thirsty or want to enjoy the panoramic view then you can stop at many places along the way. You might as well taste the traditional Swiss food like Cheese fondue, Raclette, Rösti, Cordon Bleu or try just good cheese (Gruyere, Emental) or grilled white sausage. 

Have a nice trip and don’t forget to take your positive energy and comfortable hiking shoes!

68 thoughts on “Summer in Switzerland

  1. yoshizen

    I know their beautiful country —– in the same time, I know their paranoia to
    keep their country beautiful. (I learned this when I stay my friend’s house 1 month =
    mother has to keep their garden clean and beautiful “more than” next door = and the
    next door does the same — or has to do !)

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  2. maristravels

    Lucerne is my favourite place in Switzerland and I love it for its food, atmosphere and entertainment (that includes nearby hiking and boating). I have spent 3 holidays there and it never wearies me.

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  3. D. S. Chauhan

    Kamila that was such a beautiful blog on an amazing destination Switzerland! Its such a beautiful place to visit ! I could not visit many places but I visited the majestic Jungfrajoch and the charming town Interlaken with its two beautiful lakes! I have travelled whole of India which is my home country and some places in France,Belgium and the Netherlands where we went for a 2 months tour.I have written 3 blogs on my foreign visit.Thanks for your lovely blog !I loved them with such nice snaps!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kamila Pala

        I already didi it!! Very interesting 🙂 but I could not do like and follow you..the wordpress system showed me that is something wrong…I don’t understand. Have nice dyays and stay safe.


      2. D. S. Chauhan

        You could not like or follow the site !But , nevertheless, thanks a lot for your nice & encouraging comments ! I would have rather liked you to give a critical appraisal of the Swiss blog for me to improve my blogging 🙏


      3. Kamila Pala

        Hello again, stay in touch and I will ask wordpress admin again, what is wrong because I want to follow you and do many likes to your amazing posts :)!!! Have a nice day.


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