San Francisco – cosmopolitan and vibrant city

This colorful and cosmopolitan city was founded 1776 by colonists from Spain and was largest city on the West Coast during the “Gold Rush” around 1849.  Now, the city is the cultural, financial and commercial centrum (very close is well known Silicon Valley) of Northern California! It is 15th most populous city in the USA with around 900.000 residents. Why is this city so attractive for tourists? This destination offers international culture vibes, beautiful mix of architecture, nice climate, beaches, hills and good food.


  • GOLDEN GATE Bridge– iconic and one of the most famous bridge in the world was opened 1937 and became one of the popular symbol of the city.
  • ALCATRAZ ISLAND– with legendary former Federal Penitentiary visiting more then 1.5mil. people per year! No wonder, that is absolutely special island with original history.
  • FISHERMAN’S Wharf (Pier 39)– great location where you can to observe well known local  groups of Sea Lions or relax in restaurants and good place for buying some souvenirs.
  • TWIN PEAKS– is very popular for its scenic and breathtaking view.
  • CHINATOWN DISTRICT– you can feel real Asia character with plenty of original restaurants and the shops with souvenirs.
  • CABLE CARS– do not miss authentic trip in the historical cars.

Others interesting places: Lombard Street, the Painted Ladies (stylish and cute Victorian Houses), ZOO, Botanical Garden, Aquarium of the Bay and many others…

A FEW WORDS ABOUT FOOD.  There are plenty of restaurants, snacks and  bars!  Good to know that this location is famous for seafood dishes! Especially, abalone, Dungeness crab, bay shrimp…I liked very special and tasty soup – Clam Chowder Bread Bowl!

MY TIP – 1 DAY TRIP- NAPA &SONOMA Valley – if you are wine lover or not, you must do short visit in this beautiful part of nature and taste good vine in one of the many wineries, which are famous with the good Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay! The best time is from August to October.  But if you have a bit more time and love the real nature you can visit real natural beauty – YOSEMITE National Park. This Park offers the waterfall, wildlife, cliffs …SEQUOIA and KINGS Canyon National Parksare of course absolutely fantastic place with the Earth’s Largest Tree! 

42 thoughts on “San Francisco – cosmopolitan and vibrant city

  1. Canuck Carl

    Thank you for sharing Kamila. I got to see General Sherman in Sequoia National Park way, way back in 1985. We took Highway #1 all the way down. Then worked our way up to Kings Canyon, Death Valley and Grand Canyon. I was with a friend, so San Francisco was more of a cursory view. Did not spend any time looking around. Which I regret. It really does look like an amazing city to explore and spend time there.

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  2. Carolyn Page

    Ten days in San Francisco during 2010 was one of the most wonderful holidays I’ve had – anywhere!
    There’s a certain energy in San Fran that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world; except maybe Sydney, Australia; my home town. Perhaps that’s one reason I enjoyed it so much.
    I loved the cable cars, and the hills. I believe I’ve never ‘walked’ so much! There really is so much to see and do.
    Thank You for the reminder… 🙂

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  3. Mrs. P

    Wow…you did a lot on your trip. How long were you there? I lived in the Bay Area for close to fifty years…been and seen your vacation many times. I miss the culture and nature that can be found almost anywhere you turn.

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      1. equinoxio21

        Last went in July as well. Mark Twain once said: “the worst winter I ever spent was July in San Francisco”. 😉 We walked the Golden Gate bridge all the way and back in pure fog. Madness. But lovely. Cleared after a few days.

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      1. lolaWi

        so very good to see you here again dear friend (took me a while to find you)! i am fine but you probably read the terrible things that are happening in my part of the world. very sad and heartbreaking. hope you and family are fine! are you still in Monaco? how is it there? thanks 🙂


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