LUGANO – City in southern Switzerland

If you are looking for short brake and love nature and hiking – Lugano could be the right destination for you. It is the largest and most attractive city in Ticino, which is one of the 26 cantons in Switzerland.  The city is spread around the lake, close to the Italian border and has its own spirit and glamour. The visitors can see immediately a huge influence from the Italian architecture, lifestyle and of course, cuisine! There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and pubs with good food.


  • Lake Lugano – combine boat cruise with walking
  • Park and Promenade – beautiful sun set scenery between the beautiful trees and flowers
  • Gandria – romantic terraced village from medieval times and is really popular to take a boat from the city of Lugano, while also enjoying a wonderful lunch in one of the several excellent local restaurants so that you can walk back to the Sentiero dell Olivo – it is nice trail around the lake
  • Monte Bré – has panoramic and amazing views all the way from the lake to the surroudings hills
  • Ascona – historical town with stylish promenade on Lake Maggiore

DRINK and FOOD – some of the culinary traditions of this canton is minestrone is soup, polenta and risotto. Don’t forget to taste red wine (Merlot) from Ticino!

MY TIP – don’t miss MINI SWISS! That is an amazing place for everyone. From 1959 the visitors can admire 128 models of most famous buildings, monuments, railways, boats, cableways from every canton in Switzerland.

Lugano has a pleasant climate, so you can visit it all year round but I would recommend you come during summer or autumn. I wish you an unforgettable trip.

48 thoughts on “LUGANO – City in southern Switzerland

  1. Francis.R.

    The miniature cathedral tower fooled me, I was wondering why it looked different… beautiful views and I thought it was Italian too. Thanks, Kamila, a very enjoyable chronicle : )


  2. Candia

    Brought back memories from over 60 years ago. I went on the boat trip to Gandria with my parents and grandparents. My grand mother must have bought a print of Gandria, as she ever after had it above her mantelpiece!
    Thanks for re-visiting my posts today!

    Liked by 1 person

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