A true gem in Provence, France – LUBERON

There are many reasons why I love Provence and maybe you will agree with me! If you like spectacular countryside with extraordinary lavender fields, orchards, vineyards, fascinating ochre hills or fabulous medieval villages…… Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Vasudha – Traveldefined – for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! This award is passed on to the blogs you like and follow. What a wonderful way to appreciate… Continue reading

Why do Korean households have 2 fridges? Spicy Road has good tip for a “spicy” weekend trip.

MODERN grey highways and high skyscrapers versus colorful ANCIENT royal palace… a weekend in the capital city of Korea, Seoul -over 10 million inhabitants- was impressive! The opportunity to explore history and the modern… Continue reading

Bella Italia – postcard from Portofino!

Famous resort “not only for celebrities” – you must visit it ! Excellent food? Beautiful sights? Sea? Outstanding nature? Yes, most people will certainly agree, that Italy offers it all. And especially I… Continue reading

Postcard from Saint-Émilion, France. Not only for wine “EXPERTS”!

DO YOU ENJOY DRINKING QUALITY RED WINE? Come to the Southwestern part of France! This beautiful part of the country has some interesting history as well as good food and drinks! And when… Continue reading

How does a Berber home look like?

A TRIP to meet BERBERS for a cup of good MINT TEA! “With or without sugar?” An old guide asks the tourist group in French. We are at the center of a house,… Continue reading

Australia – unforgettable campervan holiday !

So beautiful and so far… but an absolutely original and interesting continent! Having the chance of spending 2 weeks on this continent was still too little to discover it properly but I always… Continue reading

The 2 must – see beautiful beaches in Boracay – Philippines! Are you thinking about exotic holidays?

BLUE starfish and not a step without shades! White powder beaches and crystal clear sea, where there is no need to snorkel to be able to see hundreds of colourful fish or blue… Continue reading

PALERMO – a city where the taxi driver invites you for a cup of coffee!

The scents of coffee and local cakes in a small overloaded café where our taxi driver Sylvo invited us to are just wonderful! It is only “just 10am” and it is just the… Continue reading

Geisha, maiko and me!

(Place of action Kyoto, Capital city of Japan until 1868) She is sitting in front of me, beautiful like a doll! Maiko- a Geisha apprentice!  We can meet them only in Kyoto.  She… Continue reading