Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic

Perfect place for a short holiday?  Discover Dubrovnik! This city has amazing history, clear beaches, unique nature and original atmosphere.

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for unique Old Town and special massive stone walls, completed in 16th century. Did you know that in 15th century, Dubrovnik had a population 40.000 and was one of the largest cities in Europe! The city was twice damaged – an earthquake 1667 and 1990 by armed conflict. Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO in 1979.



  • Ancient City Wall – here you can start amazing historical walk tour around the city
  • Placa Thoroughfare (STRADUN) – is beautiful line with shops and restaurants
  • Pile Gate – very busy gateway n the main entrance to the old Town
  • Onophrian Fountain – was a master piece supplying fresh water to the citizens from Ombria river
  • Franciscan Monastery – inside is one of the oldest pharmacy in the world


LOKRUM is idyllic and little island only 15min boat ride from Old Port, great place for half day trip if you are looking for the beautiful small beaches, special history and nature.  There are former Benedictine Monastery (in one of part is exhibition Game of Thrones, you can see all about filming this special HBO TV series in Lokrum and Dubrovnik.) or Fort Royal and nice Botanical Garden. You can see here many birds and even many peacocks going around you.

For one day trip is popular also Korcula Islandor Mljet NationalPark!

A FEW WORDS about FOOD – simple and with influences from Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and Austrian cuisines. What are characteristic dishes in Dubrovnik?

Very popular is black risotto, seafood platter, grilled fish, octopus salad, roasted lamb with special local herbs, skewers or stuffed barbecued squid. Do not forget try to drink – Rakija – homemade spirit from grapes, tasty local wine, beer or mineral water.

GOOD to KNOW – There are plenty especially sport’s activities and  for example very popular are kayaking, canoeing, bike tours, hiking, or sailing.

Dubrovnik is fantastic location for short romantic holidays, honeymoon or anniversary celebration…

You can go there anytime but my favorite month is – May and June.

Have a nice summer!