Relax in the city

After 4 years of blogging and after traveling to more than 60 countries I decided to make a small recapitulation of the most interesting places. It was really difficult choice!

Here are my top 3 destinationstheme for today is simplyRELAXATION in the CITY!


Capital city of China has long unique history back 3 millennia but on the other side is modern, cosmopolitan city with more than 21 million inhabitants! That is real reason discover a little bit some of its world famous place.

(more info you can read in my post – Beijing – a touch of amazing history)


Charming, elegant, beautiful and unforgettable – this all is PRAGUE – capital city of the Czech Republic! If you are looking for unique history, original architecture, a rich mosaic of culture as well as some traditional and tasty local food and famous beer – you are in the right place – a place where you never get bored!

(more info you can read in my post – The heart of Europe – welcome to Prague)


Rome is and ideal mosaic of romance and history in the world! There are so many things to discover every time when you return here. It is a one giant outdoor museum that takes you to the past. Almost everybody heard about fabulous Italian Renaissance or Baroque style. Famous artists and architects such a Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini lived and worked here.

(more info you can read in my post – Viva la Roma)

I believe that you liked my chosen destination and that might inspire you for another holidays!


50 thoughts on “Relax in the city

  1. Dalo 2013

    As I just spent part of this past weekend in Prague, I can wholeheartedly agree with your choice here. An incredible city. Roma and Beijing too, but those cities I find it hard to relax because the history of those two cities is mind-boggling πŸ™‚ Wishing you well Kamila.


      1. Dalo 2013

        The Old Town is simply amazing, and there are a few of the coffee shops where artists use to meet up which I find comforting…and then the many places to enjoy a great Czech beer πŸ™‚

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