After 4 years of blogging and after traveling to more than 60 countries I decided to make a small recapitulation of the most interesting places. It was really a difficult choice!

Here are my top 3 destinations –Β theme for today is simply – RELAXATION IN NATURE.


it is a stunning island, about 315km away from Manila. White powder beaches and crystal clear sea! What I have the most impressive memories? Blue starfish and hundreds of colorful fish and stunning sunset – unforgettable!!!

(more info you can read in my post- The 2 must – see beautiful beaches in BORACAY – Philippines! Are you thinking about exotic holidays?)

2) The MOST ADVENTURE – YANGSHUO (ASIA) is popular small city in absolutely unique region in Southern China. Around town you can see wonderful scenery with KARST MOUNTAINS and winding rivers. I still remember how we enjoyed bamboo raft and there were plenty fabulous sceneries around us! Absolutely original is night fishing with cormorant!

(more info is in my post YANGSHUO – Southern China natural escape)

3) The MOST PLEASURE – KEUKENHOF (EUROPE) – this place is called “GARDEN of EUROPE” and is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. The park from 19th century is situated in Holland. This place is really original and only here you can see more than 7 millions bulbs in bloom with a total of 800 varieties of tulips! That is colorful and breathtaking spectacle.

(more info is in my post Flower kingdom on earth – Keukenhof)

I believe that you liked my chosen destinations and that they might inspire you for another vacation.

Have a nice spring.

65 thoughts on “RELAX in NATURE

  1. Dylan Dixon

    I am just discovering your page and i really hope to read more of your articles and learn about your trips as i get time! These places all seem so very beautiful, thanks for taking us along! If you get a chance it would mean a lot if you checked my page out, it is called Nature Fanatics! thanks in advance!

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  2. Dalo 2013

    What an amazing 4 years it has been for you ~ incredible photos and experiences, thank you for sharing. Happy to see Yangshuo on your list, one of those destinations that can hit the soul deeply. Wishing you a great Easter holiday.


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