Provence – charming France

There are many reasons why I love Provence and maybe you will agree with me! If you like spectacular landscape with many small stylish villages (the original houses have typical blue wooden shutters) and unique combination of beautiful nature, impressive history and delicious local food no doubts you must visit this part of France! I am talking about special part of Provence – Avignon, Arles and CAMARGUE.

GOOD TO KNOW that famous painter Vincent Van Gogh stayed here with his friend Gauguin and another great painter Picasso loved bullfights and was inspired by them to do two paintings and any drawings!


AVIGNON – is famous historical city and major centrum of region (1309 – 1377) was the seat of the Catholic popes.

  • Very beautiful is old town with POPE’S Palace and the PONT d’AVIGNON became a UNESCO 1995!

ARLES – is a small city in this Provence region with a lot of festivals, art and culture activities.

  • AMPHITHEATRE – was built for gladiator battles for app 25.000 inhabitants but today the city organizing another kind of interesting seasonal show for visitors – bullfights!!! The animals don’t get killed like in the Spain.
  • MONTMAJOR ABBEY – are monumental buildings and ruins from 12th century with amazing views.
  • VINCENT VAN GOGH FOUNDATION – is Museum of Modern Art with small but nice collection of Vincent Van Gogh fabulous works.

CAMARGUE this original natural ecosystem is only a couple of minutes by car away from Arles. The river delta of Rhône has created beautiful water meadows. TOURISTS can observe famous and elegant pink flamingos – their color is influenced by a peculiar kind of mollusks that they consume and white horses and black bulls!

What is the traditional local FOOD? Classical recipes are built on excellent fresh ingredients especially like olive oil, fresh herbs, fresh garlic and tomatoes. The famous dishes are for example: cooking snails, beef stew, ratatouille or mussels steamed in tomato. My favorite is bouillabaisse (fish soup)! Do not forget try excellent wine or very popular anise-flavored liqueur. 

TIP FOR OTHERS ACTIVITIES – this destination is perfect especially for horseback riding, hiking, cooking lessons, swimming on the sand beaches…

So what do you think? Maybe it is good tip for your next trip!

76 thoughts on “Provence – charming France

  1. Aquileana

    Excellent post… Thanks for the information and tips concerning Provence and the must-visit places there (Avignon, Arles and Camargue) … Great feature and the photographs are stunning!.. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Kamila ❤ Love & best wishes!

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  2. Mrs. P

    I can hear your enthusiasm in this post! I was visiting friends, not too far from you. We were in Toulouse, Albi and Narbonne…wonderful time and the food was superb. I loved that all the restaurants only cooked with local foods and wines. We caught the end of a farmer’s market in The local village. It was amazing! We Americans do not understand the concept of “fresh” food…the French have got it right. I could easily live in southern France. 😁 Beautiful pictures!

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  3. Sartenada

    Lovely photos. Thank You for this great post. My daughter spent two weeks there in exchange of French school. This happened about “hundred” years ago. 🙂 My son and daughter were in French school in Helsinki and they speak good French.

    Happy and safe travels!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kamila Pala

      Wow, that is really good benefit is your kids speak french, my son as well went to french school and now he continues in international school without problems. French culture is really interesting, I love history and food 🙂 ! Lovely time and many interesting posts in 2018! Kamila

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  4. loujen haxm'Yor

    Many years ago a young French student from Provence traveled with fellow teachers and students to California, where my wife and I live. He stayed with us for about a month, a real cultural experience. This post was a reminder of that interesting time.

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  5. Becky Dingle

    Thank you for your continued interest and support of Chapel of Hope Stories….I spent two weeks in Provence for an International Creativity Workshop and fell in love with it…the open market area drew us to it each day like a magnet….delicious foods and warm memories.

    Liked by 1 person

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