KOS – the legendary island of Hippocrates

Are you looking for a calm but interesting destination? Do you prefer short summer holidays with local atmosphere and original history? I can recommend you the small island KOS which is one of the beautiful Greece’s Dodecanese islands. KOS is not so famous like for example SANTORINI or CORFU but has special esprit with long sound beaches and great history.

GOOD TO KNOW: The most famous person who was born here was HIPPOCRATES (born 460BC) – Who was this man? He based his medical practice on observations and on the study of the human body. He is called “ The Father of Western Medicine”. I like one of his many quotes “Life is short, the art is long”.


  • ASCLEPION – this ancient healing temple (4th century BC) ruins with museum is absolutely unique place in this small island – you can touch antique history around you
  • NERATZIA CASTLE – is original medieval castle ruins are very romantic with nice location in KOS TOWN and here is beautiful harbor views
  • TREE of HIPPOCRATES -is also located in KOS TOWN and this is monumental tree with a story that probably the famous doctor Hippocrates once taught his students
  • Village ZIA – is original mountain village with compact local architecture and stunning view around the island and there are many nice restaurants with delicious Greek food so that is right place for take a small break
  • PARADISE Beach – is long and clean one of the most popular beach with powder sand so that is attractive place for everybody

TIP for the other activities: especially for sport lovers there are also many possibilities in the island and most popular are scuba diving, kite lessons, bike experiences, horse riding or boat trip around the island!

A FEW WORDS about FOOD and DRINKS – traditional Greek Cuisine has a long history with much Mediterranean influence. I love classical and famous GYROS with traditional TZATZIKI sauce! This cuisine is fresh, tasty and healthy. In Kos there are many local taverns, restaurants and pubs with delicious homemade chesses, SOUVLAKI tenderloin pork or special grilled lamb. Do not forget to try excellent fresh grilled sardines and of course fresh excellent seafood! Nice surprise was good local white wine but I like the traditional drink Ouzo – aniseed flavored aperitif. I enjoyed a glass and dreamed about how students of medicine lived and listened to his teacher Hippocrates around the tree here many years ago!