Switzerland – fairytale land

If we are talking about place with beautiful landscape, famous cheese fondue, top-quality chocolate and the best hand made watches in the world – we are talking about Switzerland – officially the Swiss Confederation is famous small country (8.500.000 population) in the western- Central Europe – with many lakes, mountains, ski resorts! The country is famous for being watch-making capital of the world – more than 20.000 people are employed in this fine industry.

 ZÜRICH – is the largest city and industrial center in Switzerland! The city has amazing history – founded by the Romans. Zurich is modern city, now with number of financial institutions and banking. And has around 400.000 inhabitants. It is a city with a breathtaking view of the Alps horizon.

Offers – unique mixture of attractions with many art galleries, museums, nice walks around the lake and in the centrum of the city you can also find bustling night life.

HIGHLIGHTS – the most interesting places – HERE IS MY TOP 5

  • KUNSTHAUS – is a gallery with major interesting artworks
  • SWISS NATIONAL MUSEUM – here is historical and original collection of crafts and furnishing – very interesting facts about long history and we also visited new collection of The World Press Photo.
  • ALTSTADT – there are plenty of art galleries, antique and book shops and this area change in the evening into an entertainment quarter
  • BAHNHOFSTRASSE – is the mile-long street of banks and exclusive fashion boutiques, department stores and streets cafes
  • ÜETLIBERG – mountain 869m – is a fantastic place for hiking

If you have more time it is really nice to also visit ZOO. MY special TIP is a BOAT TRIP on the lake which is unfogettable ! We rented a small boat and relaxed a lot in the middle of the lake!

LUCERNE –is beautiful and historical city, also very famous for its unique medieval architecture. There are many attractions to visit in Lucerne.


  • OLD TOWN is magical and compact place full of history!
  • CHAPEL BRIDGE (1333) is a great landmark in the old town and very photogenic
  • MUSEGG Wall (from14th century) with breathtaking view to the mountains around the city and the lake!

WHAT are the traditional Swiss DISHES?

Cheese Fondue – famous food, Raclette – stylish food, Rösti – iconic food, Swiss Chocolate is very tasty and famous in the world and Swiss Cheese is also great (GRUYÉRE is my favourite), also try one of the typical breads, they have more than 200 varieties!

Switzerland is perfect for fantastic skiing holidays or mini-break or hiking! We spent long weekend in these two amazing cities and hope that next trip will be to GENEVA!


92 thoughts on “Switzerland – fairytale land

    1. Kamila Pala

      Many thanks for nice words and comment :)! This is really peaceful destination.. landscape is beautiful – winter is for skiing lover but I prefer summer for hiking. 🙂 have a nice Sunday. Kamila

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  1. rosemaylily2014

    We stayed in Switzerland for 8 days last month including a couple of nights in the Altstadt in Lucerne. We also stayed in Montreux for 3 nights and a small town called Spiez in Central Switzerland for 3 nights. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the scenery – one of our favourite places and we had an amazing time! 🙂

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  3. Dalo 2013

    Wow, your descriptions and photos do make Switzerland into a fairyland ~ a place that is much worthy of a visit…and a return visit 🙂 Wishing you a great summer ahead Kamila, of travel and also of pure enjoyment. Cheers!

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    1. Kamila Pala

      So nice to hear that from you, dear Dalo! I have been on holidays but now back home and ready for new “blogging” season! I wish you nice rest of summer 🙂 ! Bye. Kamila


      1. equinoxio21

        Went to a Congress in Lucerne, centuries ago. Winter. Bl..dy cold. But I remember the bridge. A congress can be tedious after a while and one needs to get some air even if it’s freezing. 😉
        Take care Kamila.

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  4. egodiary.com

    I would love to go back and see more of Switzerland. I visited a part of it, a small part, two years ago. We were based in Geneve, and traveled around as much as possible. It is an expensive country in my opinion, but if you plan ahead you can find great deals, and anyway, it’s so worth it. Such a beautiful country!

    Would love to stay connected, my travel blog is

    I would so much appreciate your follow, support an suggestions as you can count on mine

    Julia from Romania

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