Welcome to paradise

Are you looking for an exotic holidays with adventure and comfort? You can choose the week on the CRUISE! We decided for one of the biggest and famous cruise ships – OASIS of the SEAS and spent fantastic week in our life. It was really unforgettable experience.


  • It was the largest cruise ship at that time (amongst top 3 today)
  • Year of built was in 2009
  • The ship has capacity for more than 000 passengers (some say 6.000) !!
  • Most departures are from Florida – our departure was from FORT LAUDERDALE.

We enjoyed all service from culinary adventure (more than 25 dining options), good shopping, big relax in SPA and fantastic entertainment – especially in AQUA PARK – the shows were simply WOW! The evening’s events were also fantastic every day!

Our cruise ship had 3 STOPS on its way– in absolutely gorgeous and interesting destinations!

1) MEXICO – COZUMEL is fantastic island destination. The economy is based on tourism, here are plenty of interesting places and you can choose what you want from activities – Catamaran Sail, Snorkeling Tour or Jeep Adventure.

MY TIP – this place has also interesting history and we visited original Mayan Ruins!

2) JAMAICA – FALMOUTH is an inspirational Caribbean holiday…you can visit a plantation, local farm houses, local small school or take a river safari or visit Dunes River with amazing Falls Waterfall! Everything is beautiful.

3) HAITI – LABADEE is port and Royal Caribbean own private beach with many water sports. Our snorkeling experiences were unforgettable!

Amazing destinations, great entertainment that is perfect holidays for couples, friends and also for all family!

I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing “CRUISE” in 2017!

Happy New Year!