Mallorca – the pearl of the Balearic Islands

Mallorca is an island that we can discover in the Mediterranean Sea, which is a very well-known and popular holiday destination. Why does the island attract millions of tourists from all over Europe every year? The charm of the island is simple – there are more than 300 sunny days a year, beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling bays, good services and excellent traditional food, full of fish and Spanish delicacies.


  • Mallorca (capital Palma de Mallorca) is the largest island (around 1mil. Inhabitants) of the Balearic Islands which are part of Spain, but they have an autonomous statute. Menorca and Formentera are also very popular destinations of the Balearic Islands and Ibiza is one of the places for the people who love for hippie style and big parties.
  • Due to its location, the island has a rich history. It was inhabited by Phoenicians, Romans even belonged to­ part of the Emirate of Cordoba (902). And it was also the target of pirates in the medieval. 
  • Since the 18th century, its charm attracted artists for example- Composer F. Chopin, writer G. Sand, they even had love romance, here. And famous British writer A. Christie wrote a collection of short stories here, and talented painter J. Miro lived and created here until his death. At the present time, probably the most famous native of the island is the world-famous tennis player R. Nadal!


Palma de Mallorca – is the most popular destination in the island! The city offers everything you like – rich history, culture life, port, beaches, many restaurants. The old town is magical with its special architecture and breathtaking iconic Cathedral, which is the dominance of the city.

MY TIP – you can rent a car for 1-2 days and discover the island and its history and natural beauty according to your imagination and interest. There are some interesting places like a Valldemossa – picturesque small village with an old town and famous monastery, where Chopin, and Sand lived for one season. If you drive across the island, you can observe the magnificent Mountains of Serra de Tramuntana – which is UNESCO World Heritage Site (2011), with highest peak Puig Major (1.445m). They charmed the famous artistic town Deia and time for a good drink and relax at sunset are PORT d’Andtrax or Cap de Formentor!

A FEW WORDS about the FOOD and DRINKS – traditional Balearic cuisine with apparent influence is rich especially with the local products as a rice, almonds, olive oil, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, special herbs and of course fresh fish, seafood and pork are part of the classical menu.

Sobrassada (a raw, cured sausage), Roast suckling pig, Arroz Brut (rustic Mallorcan style rice), Bread & oil, Tapas (delicious appetizers) or rustic Mallorcan Soup (a lot of vegetables, bread, meat, or wild mushrooms definitely belongs to the traditional recipes. My favorite are tapas and fresh fish of the day because the taste is unforgettable. And do not forget to try Ensaimada – which is a very famous (this recipe is coming from 17th century) simple roll pastry, you can combine with the afternoon’s coffee or a glass of local red wine. You should definitely try to taste the local red wine or beer, as a digestif. I recommend a variety of excellent liquors or gin!

WHEN is the best time to come? Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, and the main season is from July to September, when temperatures can exceed 40 degrees. For hiking and cycling or for golf lovers as well, it is much more pleasant visiting during the spring when nature is beautifully green and fruit trees are blooming, including the popular almond tree. What do you think? Could this be a tip for your next trip?

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  1. Phil

    Thank you for sharing your adventures on the Mediterranean Sea, dear Kamila. The coast, landscape, architecture, foods and fun all look wonderful! Have a great new week ahead, my friend. 🤗🌹

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