Dubai – City of Gold

If you like vibrant and exotic cities with a modern architecture, good service and a lot of sports or culture activities – I can warmly recommend spending a couple of days or weeks in Dubai. It is a very young city which 30 years ago would mostly be desert and currently contains a population of 3.3 mil. people. The discovery of OIL (black gold)has changed everything and made this place rich and famous. UAE (Dubai is one of the seven emirates) is third-richest country in the world.


  • Burj Khalifa – opened 2010  (Tower Khalifa) what an impressive world’s tallest  (829,8m) building with breathtaking view! BTW the tower has 900 apartments and the address is one of the most exclusive in the city. 
  • Burj al Arab – (Tower of the Arabs) the most iconic hotel in the world – with lovely restaurants where you can enjoy romantic dinner with unforgettable view.
  • Dubai Opera – with world-class show is right place culture lovers.
  • EXPO 2020 – from October 2021 until March 2022 – in this moment you can still visit unique expositions from new technology, innovations and culture from the 191 countries!

Safari desert – one-day trip – is my TIP!

Red sand dunes, camel ride, self-drive quad bike are fun activities you must do.  Follows the Arabic traditional dinner after sunset at the Bedouin style camp. Finally, after dance show you can observe the stars!

There are many others adventure and sport activities like Skydiving, Deep Dive, Waterparks, Golf Courses…you can try anything!

Others interesting places – in the giant malls you can see there not only famous brands shops but also attractions like aquariums with the sharks or ski slopes and ice skiing ring. The biggest are Dubai Mall or Dubai of the Emirates, and you can spend here all days and enjoyed the restaurants, shops and events. If you are looking for the typical Arabic experience from shopping you have to go to the Gold Souk and Perfume Souk.


  • Palm Jumeirah is visible from space
  • The UAE has a Minister for Happiness 
  • The weekend is 2,5 days 
  • UAE population growth is one of the highest in the world, and official language is Arabic

A few words about food and drinks… you can feel historical influence of Bedouin, Arabic and Asian culture which made special combinations of the recipes.  There are many restaurants and you can taste a bit from Iranian, Lebanese or Asian cuisine.

YOU CAN BE HERE anytime but the temperature from November to April is really nice (25 -30 degrees) and sunny days! This destination is suitable for families, couples or young people simply for everyone. Have a nice TRIP.

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