Burgundy – welcome to the heart of France

Only 1,5h away by train from Paris you can discover a special part (east-central) of France! Burgundy is a famous winemaking region combines interesting history, special architecture and specific scenic beauty with plenty of vineyards. World famous personalities like V.Hugo (poet and dramatist), G.Eiffel (engineer, architect) L. Pasteur (microbiologist) were was born here.

No wonder that a lot of visitors are coming every year to enjoy wonderful landscape and to relax with delicious meal and drink world-famous wine. 


DIJON – is the capital of historical Burgundy region. You can admire the nice architecture in old town and especially the Palace of the Dukes which is a very famous building with Museum of Arts inside. The city is also known for its gastronomic fair and special mustard which is traditional in France from the late Middle Ages.

BEAUNE – small and charming city is located only 40km from Dijon and is called “Capital of Burgundy wine”. 

Interesting places 

  • Hotel- Dieu Museum – Hospices de Beaune is a unique complex from 1443, which was built like a hospital for the poor, as a museum now. The well-known` charity wine auction is organized every year in November.
  • La Moutarderie Fallot – original moutard factory
  • Basilica of our Lady – beautiful church with famed tapestries
  • Domaine Comte Senard  – (in  small village Aloxe Corton) is one of the many  beautiful small (9ha), old (1857) and family company.
  • Route des Grands Crus – about 60km road between the main vineyards

GOOD TO KNOW –  Romans  were the first to grow wines here. And monks from locals clusters developed cultivars in the early Middle Ages! Burgundy wine has a special taste and (fruit and minerality mix) aroma. It is caused special mineral in the soil. There are many wine cellars tours, excursions with tasting of the local wines. The most famous red grapes variety is Pinot Noir. The main white variety is Chardonnay.


There are many restaurants, brasserie and bars. You can try some of most famous locals dishes like – the most favorite specialties are “ casserole” style dish – Beef Bourgogne and  Coq au Vin. On the other hand the Escargots de Bourgogne, Duck Rilletes, Chesses, or Terrines are fabulous as well.

Other activities: very popular activities are biking or hiking between the vineyards or cooking courses.

Burgundy is an amazing location especially for lovers of good food and excellent wine. You can come anytime but May or June offers fresh green and flowers or in colorful September even October is really time as well.

24 thoughts on “Burgundy – welcome to the heart of France

  1. Francis.R.

    Movies and Disney have to have drawn so much inspiration from Burgundy as it looks quite like being in a movie. Thank you, Kamila; it is a very fascinating trip, with personalities that shaped history!

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