Greece – Cyclades – 50 shades of blue

With a Fascinating history, and with a gorgeous blue sea containing over 2 000 islands, Greece is one of the most popular destinations for holidays having over 10.5 million inhabitants. It is notable that Greece has very hospitable people and delicious foods.

The destination of many tourists is ATHENS (you can read more in my blog -Athens – a city of ancient Gods) which is the Capital offering a wide variety of historical monuments. 

But if you have a few extra days off, and love sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving or hiking, I warmly recommend a cruise on the romantic islands – the CYCLADES – is a complex 220 islands in the Aegean Sea.

There are several sailing options, it depends on the weather, the choice is yours and especially the time…you can used a ferry or rent a boat .

  • We sailed from Athens past the small island of KEA– which offers romantic sitting in taverns where you can watch the sunset.
  • KYTHNOS – (1500 inhabitants) the name of the island is after the mythical son of the Greek God Apollo and it is well-known, with hundreds of small bays and beaches with crystal pure blue water or tourist routes.
  • SYROS – (21,000 inhabitants) is in the heart of the Cyclades and capital 

city Ermoupoli which is popular for its special mix of architecture.

  • MYKONOS – (10,000 inhabitants) has a pelican in its emblem and is called the island of the wind. Santorini is called the most beautiful island but Mykonos became the most popular island, especially for young tourists who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the local disco clubs and parties on the beaches. In the old town there is a church complex from the 17th century and authentic windmills which attract thousands of tourists every day at sunset.
  • SERIFOS – (1400 inhabitants) is one of the prettiest and most authentic islands with many beaches as well and where you can admire the unique capital of HILLTOP CHORA, which is like from an ancient fairy tale! According to Greek mythology, Cyclops (a one-eyed giant) was supposed to live on the island, which was defeated by Homer’s fable hero ODYSSEUS!!!
  • SOUNIO- on the way back to Athens we stopped at a peninsula known for the magnificent temple of the Sea God Poseidon.


-The Greek language is one of the oldest written languages in the world!

– The Olympic Games began as a sporting event in Greece in the 7th century BC!

-The country is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world. 

-The Greeks like to have fun and have more than 4000 types of dances! 

-And the famous blue color of shutters, domes and doors is protection against the strong sun.

A FEW words about Greek CUISINE which is famous and has a long history with much Mediterranean influence. Gyros, Greek Salat, Souvlaki, Greek slowly cook lamb, Tzatziki are among the most popular. But if you are in the island, you must try fresh fish or seafood!

The high season for sailing is from July to September but if you would prefer to combine sailing with hiking or biking then spring or autumn is also a perfect time.

39 thoughts on “Greece – Cyclades – 50 shades of blue

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  2. Anastasios

    Soooooo nice photos and such nice description 🙂 I have been many times to most of those places (being Greek 🙂 but never with a boat. And that is actually my dream! One day 🙂 I am happy you liked it and enjoyed it that much. Best regards, Anastasios.

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  3. Rie

    Hi Kamila, thank you for your like of my post from Australia. I have throughout my life traveled a lot in Greece, but I haven’t written a lot about it since most of the travels were during childhood. If you are interested, you can read my blog posts about beautiful Amorgos (also an island in the Cyclades), or Delphi (mainland Greece).
    Rie / Traveling Female Ornithologist

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