ALSACE (France) – taste of history and wine

If we are talking about one of the most beautiful regions in France close to the German border which is known for interesting history, original architecture, good wine and tasty food = we are talking about ALSACE! 

GOOD TO KNOW – this fertile region (symbol storks) has been of great interest since the Middle Ages on the part of France and Germany, many battles were fought! Finally, after the First World War, Alsace belongs to France…with a Great MIX of the best of the culture, architecture and gastronomy of both countries that visitors can see everywhere.


  • STRASBOURG – is a beautiful capital and largest city of this region. The visitors admire the romantic and compact old city. Especially the Gothic Cathedral with a unique astronomical clock and “La Petite France” which is an iconic symbol of the old city. There are also many interesting museums, galleries, parks.
  • COLMAR –only 70km from Strasbourg where we can find the hidden pearl of Alsace! The Small and romantic city with the river Lauch is known as a center of this “wine region”. The compact old medieval town with its half-timbered houses and the canal ride is very impressive and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Interesting places might be- Little Venice, the Koifhus (former customs house), the Fishmonger’s district, local market and St. Martin church.
  • ALSACE WINE ROUTE – the wine was being produced here since the Roman times and now we are talking about the oldest and legendary 170km long, wine route in France! Nearby Colmar is one part of this charming route. I visited only two pitoresque villages – Orschwiller and Riquewihr and tasted wine in private family cellar. Especially Cremant (local sparkling wine) and tender Pinot Blanc, I loved that. Very famous and popular white wines are fruity Sylvaner,dry Riesling or crisp aromatic Muscat and 90% of all wine produced is white wine!


Castle Haut KOENIGSBOURG – this majestic medieval castle near Colmar looks like something out of a fairy tale. From its walls, it offers an unforgettable view of the surroundings. It was repaired and modernized for himself by the German emperor Wilhelm II.

The castle and the whole of Alsace fell to France after the First World War, so the beautifully reconstructed castle can be visited by tourists from France and the whole world!

A FEW WORDS about the FOOD and DRINKS – There are plenty of restaurants and bars. Historically, the influence of French and German cuisine can be seen everywhere. And it is only up to you what you prefer -local wine with Coq au Riesling or local beer with Sauerkraut? And something sweet that you might prefer – Cheesecake (fromage blanc) or sweet Kugelhopf with walnuts…? Everything tastes great!

My favorite and a real original Alsace recipe is – Flammekueche or Tarte flambee –  looks like a“tiny rectangle pizza with the onions”!

WHEN is the best time to come? Alsace is a special location for lovers of good food and good wine. Summer and Autumn are colorful and perfect seasons for hiking or cycling between the vineyards. Alsace is also very known for its original decoration Christmas markets and many visitors come in early December to enjoy the romantic atmosphere! Well, you have still time to come there!

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    Fabulous photos and very nicely placed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I could learn so much from you about travel blogging (my intent was never to do travel blogging, but it has turned out to be a good way for me to share my pictures and reflections from travel).

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