Taipei – fun city of Taiwan

If you are looking for special “mix” of Asian city culture, entertainment, good food, polite people and with a little bit of real original nature – I can recommend Taipei – modern city (over 2.6mil. inhabitants) with busy shopping streets, contemporary architecture buildings or elegant Japanese colonial lanes and famous lovely street-food night markets. Taipei is capital city of Taiwan. Taiwan is the small island with beautiful and unique nature including 9 national parks there are various ways to discover the beauty of Taiwan. The famous are a wild mountains or hot spring. I have to say – simply about Taipei – it is culture, historical and culinary highlights in Taiwan.


  • NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM – here you can discover largest collection of Chinese art crafts and historical documents (1925).
  • TAIPEI 101 – (2003) one of the tallest skyscraper in the world – original architectural buildings with observations Decks and Towers, offices and amazing shopping mall inside! You can stay here all day and never no bored.
  • CHIANG KAI-SHEK MEMORIAL – is impressive National Monument and popular attraction in the heart of City. You could not miss this place!
  • MENGJIA LONGSHAN TEMPLE – (1738) is well-known and popular temple of the Chinese folk religion with classical architecture close to HUASHI Night Market.
  • ELEPHANT MOUNTAINS – if you want to see amazing views and make spectacular photos of Taipei City and especially an iconic Taipei 101 building you have to go there! I did it and it was unforgettable experience. Easy walk but expect 20min to the “TOP AREA”.
  • BEITOU HOT SPRING – is nice day trip from the City. Here is one of the largest concentrations of hot springs and spas in the world!

Other interesting places are also Taipei Confucius Temple, Grand Hotel Taipei, and my favorite TIP is MAOKONG GONDOLA!!! But you really need good weather. It is good trip for seeing nice scenery of nature. I visited Tea Museum on the top and it was so interesting – one of the popular local product is TEA and do not forget buy some good quality tea – for example I like Pekoe Oolong.

A FEW WORDS ABOUT FOOD – it is the major role in Taiwanese culture. In fact it is island but good destination FOR FOOD LOVERS! There are so many great places in Taipei with superlative quality of the food! You can eat everything what you like it from cheapest night market places to Michelin stared chefs restaurants. Delicious Din Tai Fung in 101 building or noodle shops street – Ta Yuan and RAOHE street with Night market with enormous variety of typical local snacks. Famous are oysters omelets, fried rice noodles or rice tube pudding…

I am now drinking my cup of tea back at home (Pekoe Oolong) and truly can not believe what an unforgettable spring week I just spent in this fantastic cool city. I enjoyed every minute of it!