Flower kingdom on earth – Keukenhof

„Cheerful and fragrant springtime…Thousands of flowers blooming around the globe, their king is tulip – perfect and fragile at the same time!“ K.P.

If you like – spring, beauty, nature and colourful flowers – you must go there…to the KEUKENHOF! This place is called “Garden of Europe“ is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. The park from 19th century is situated in Holland (approximately 1hour by car or bus from Amsterdam) open only from March to May!


  • the visitors can see amazing and colourful collection of Dutch spring flowers as are Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses, Hyacinths…
  • there are more than 7 million bulbs in bloom with a total of 800 varieties of tulips in 32 hectares…
  • this area is really unique and breathtaking for everybody with special events – flower shows or live traditional music, cheese demonstration…
  • there are also many activities for children – petting ZOO, large playground…
  • do not miss 3 special places – ORANJE NASSAU PAVILION (differnet cut flower show every week – we saw collection freesia), BEATRIX PAVILION (amazing permanent Orchid and Anthurium show), WILLEM-ALEXANDER PAVILION (Tulips and differnet flowers and plants)

MY TIP – I can also recommend wonderful and spectacular boat trip trough the bulb fields!


  • Theme for 2016 is the GOLDEN AGE – is the era (16th – 17th Century) when Dutch trade, science and art were among the well – known in the world!
  • HISTORY of TULIPS – elegant and delicate flower was original a wild flower growing in the Central Asia (for instance the Daffodils are from Spain and Portugal). Tulips were cultivated by Turks and came to the Holland in the 17th Century –during the Golden Age!

The day was amazing and full of scents, colours and impressions. We enjoyed every minutes. Have a NICE SPRING!

Update: From now on, I will also produce photography compilations on Youtube, you can check out the stunning Keukenhof tulips here.