Shanghai – big city with two faces

If are you looking vibrant mega city with original old history with futuristic modern architecture you must visit Shanghai. This very famous place is known like the biggest city in China (more than 24 million population) and global financial centrum.


  • ORIENTAL PEARL TOWER– is iconic TOWER (468m tall) with amazing city views in PUDONG – that is hyper modern part of Shanghai.
  • The heart is the BUND– is waterfront long and popular promenade lined with colonial – era beautiful buildings.
  • YU GARDEN– is beautiful classical small garden from the MING Dynasty with stylish pavilions, rockeries and arched bridge.
  • JADE BUDDHA TEMPL– active temple is known for its large jade sculptures, very authentic and original place between modern buildings.
  • SHANGHAI MUSEUM– is really huge and modern museum with plenty of unique old collection of Asian art especially artifacts from jade, bronze. You can see here also collection of the typical Chinese paintings and porcelain.

Others interesting places– Nanjing Road with plenty shops and bars, Shanghai World Financial Centrum is one of the world’s tallest skyscraper, and lies in super modern part called PUDONG or Tianzifang – former French concession with many elegant buildings, coffees, shops.

MY TIP– very original place and popular tourist spot is WATER TOWN – ZHOUZHUANG – lies at the middle between Shanghai and Suzhou and it is China’s oldest water town. It called “VENICE” of China. The town is built amid canals, ponds and lakes.

A FEW WORDS about FOOD…good to know that “CHINESE” in China taste different – scents, tastes and ingredients. Combination of tastes from sweet and sour to bitter, hot and spicy!! The most famous dishes are definitely the Beijing Marinated Duck and Shanghai’s steamed dumplings filled with meat or vegetables! I like that both popular recipes a lot. BUT you can choose and try another dishes for example fresh frog, tortoise or snake. I can also recommend to visit some of plenty very good Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indian restaurants.

YOU CAN BE HERE anytime but the best time to visit Shanghai is in autumn – October to November – is generally sunny and drier and the I have to say that also good time is from April – May – there are many festivals (Gucun Cherry Blossom Fair or Shanghai International Arts Festival) or you can see Chinese F1 Grand Prix!

38 thoughts on “Shanghai – big city with two faces

  1. Becky Dingle

    So interesting! And do thank you for stopping by Chapel of Hope Stories….love your blog and all your adventures…will have to travel through you vicariously. Have a great day !

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    1. Kamila Pala

      Pleased you liked my small virtual tour! Great to hear that you have been there for this spectacular occasion 🙂 I visited this as well! Happy New Year! Bye. Kamila


  2. Becky Dingle

    Kamila….Thank you so much for stopping by ChapelofHopeStories today. It always makes MY day when this happens and what a fascinating blog you have…I can live vicariously through your experiences. Have a beautiful day and thank you again. Becky

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  3. theredhorsebook

    What a wonderful life you’ve found around the world. My relatives were selling bicycles in Shanghai and had to leave during the Boxer Rebellion many years ago. Today the center of interest is the Temple Mount and reminder Jesus gave us, to leave when we see “The Abomination of Desolation” . . . spoken of in Daniel. Yes, it must be repeated, by tribes of the Jews who refused to see Jesus as our High Priest with the authority to choose, a priest and prophet for our generation. Isa 66:21  And I will also take of them for priests and for Levites, saith the LORD.  God has not forsaken the Jews who study Isaiah. There are no longer Jews and Gentiles. God has a love for all nations, kindreds and people. God love you! Have a blessed day. . . Sincerely, Connie Anderson, living in the country where we have more cows than people. lol

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