There is one absolutely unique region in Asia that I highly suggest you to visit! The Mekong Delta is not only the most important agricultural and fishing region in Vietnam but it is also a very popular tourist destination where you can visit floating houses, small fishing boats on the river, fascinating mornings markets… and lovely sand beaches.  Here an ANCIENT  WAY OF LIFE continues well into the 21.century! People are friendly and smile a lot and you could feel FREE to enjoy diverse wildlife and unforgettable views…lets go with me!

Are you thinking about an EXOTIC ADVENTURE, an unusual holiday in Asia? I can recommend this place! Our journey took 14 days and we have visited several places – we started in Ho Chi Minh City (capital of Vietnam), then continued to Can Tho (delta’s largest city with several lively floating market’s), Chau Doc (here most people live and work on the water ), My Tho, Vinh Long ,Ha Tien and have finished our holiday in the paradise – Phu Quoc island!

“The water is not good for swimming” warned us our local guide when he distributed us life vests when we boarded our old-looking boat. I had to smile a bit. Brown and cloudy river with snakes and crocodiles was definitely not a place where I intended to swim, but he was very serious. The trip on the Mekong River, which gives life to local people for hundreds of years, was simply an amazing experience. For the first time in my life I could see a coconut farms and factories alongside the river, stunning orchard gardens with pineapple trees, the largest crocodile farm in the region with 10.000 crocodiles or a floating petrol stations for countless number of boats around us. Every day on the river was full of surprises and new experiences.

Do you know that Vietnamese food is considered one of the HELTHIEST in the world? I very much like Vietnamese cuisine – it is very light – vegetables, fish and tropical fruits as its main ingredients. The most popular dish is a noodle soup called Pho but there is much more e.g. wraps and rolls, fresh fish and seafood!

One night we had an opportunity to stay with local family of farmers. We did not only had to ‘catch’ our dinner but also cook it with our family. It was not only delicious but we also had a very pleasant evening with our hosts, talking about normal life on the river. We also had an opportunity to taste some incredible local drinks. One that I will never forget was a home made snake rice wine – with real cobra snake inside! During the whole evening we were watched by their ‘pet’ – about 30 cm long blue gecko that lives behind their cupboard in the living room for the last several years.

During last 2 days of our Mekong River trip we have reached very west part of the Southern Vietnam – Ha Tien city that is located on the sleepy border with Cambodia and is one of local seaports. Here we took a very old-looking speed boat that finally took us to the paradise after one and half hours bumpy trip. The final destination of our Vietnam trip was an island Phu Quoc, that is still bit of a hidden jewel in the region. Phu Quoc was a very special place with National Park covering 70% of the island, long beaches and our amazing little boutique hotel.

If you like adventure, exotic nature, life and shopping on the river, healthy and tasty food and nice friendly people (….and if you are not scared of big geckos, snakes and crocodiles) ….. maybe this can be a good TIP for your next TRIP.