Australia – unforgettable campervan holiday !


So beautiful and so far… but an absolutely original and interesting continent!

Having the chance of spending 2 weeks on this continent was still too little to discover it properly but I always remember the friendly people as well as the beautiful and exotic nature.

Let’s look at this step-by-step! I prepared a short photo blog. I don’t want to talk about Sydney where we started or about Melbourne where our “adventurous” trip took an end. What I want is to share our small encounters with animals…




After landing in Sydney, we are taken aback by the view on the beautiful and world-known opera house. After an interesting and short visit of the city, we continue our trip to Brisbane by (capital of Queensland with over 1.6million inhabitants, ranking third in size in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne), where a new “home on wheels” awaits us: an RV!






We are setting of further on the coast in the direction of Hervey Bay and the Fraser Island! The Fraser Island is a unique World Heritage composed of a mix of hills and valleys. It is the largest sand island in the world, measuring 123km in length and 25 km across.





The southern coastline of Queensland is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. This is not a surprise considering its sunny climate, sandy beaches and great surfing opportunities!!!

Our meeting with whales is breathtaking…

A humpback whale for instance, measures up to 15m and is a popular cosmopolitan baleen whale, known for acrobatics and “singing” in Tonga and Queensland.





But if we wish to relax on the beach where water seems to be too cold to bathe in, an incredible encounter takes place: a shark! I couldn’t believe that we were so close…





CAIRNS is the main centre of Northern Queensland. Its main attraction is the Great Barrier Reef – here you can find more than 2.000 species of fish! A real underworld paradise.




It is not possible to leave Australia without seeing a kangaroo, a koala or the Dingo! That’s why we go for a trip to meet friends in Melbourne. In their local zoo, we can calmly observe these rare animals (from European perspective) that are lying around… such amazing memories!





27 thoughts on “Australia – unforgettable campervan holiday !

  1. Kamila Pala

    Hello! Australia is really interesting continent…maybe you will (one day) see it! Thank you very much for kind words that is my motivation for new post from different continent…Bye! K.


  2. Kamila Pala

    Hi! Oh yes, I am scared about snakes and spiders but likely we did not see any.. ..we were so close to big shark…about 15m from the beach!!! The trip was fantastic and were are save in the Europe, now. Bye K.


  3. Kamila Pala

    Thank you!!! I was really fascinated by the natural beauty of Australia. I hope to have an opportunity to return as there are so many places I have not seen yet…


  4. zergsprincess

    It’s nice that you got to see some whales !! I went on a whale boat but didn’t see any..

    If you ever plan to visit Fraser again, Indian Head is one of the most beautiful and stunning views I’ve ever seen.



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