The 2 must – see beautiful beaches in Boracay – Philippines! Are you thinking about exotic holidays?

Boracay 2010_2BLUE starfish and not a step without shades! White powder beaches and crystal clear sea, where there is no need to snorkel to be able to see hundreds of colourful fish or blue starfish (that look like children’s mud pies), whisperings of palm trees… The light is so strong that when I forget my shades, I have to go back to the family hotel to be able to see anything. From our room, we have a straight access to the beach… On the Boracay Island, high buildings are forbidden and this is really useful. The island’s capacity is regulated by small hotels, which are “cleverly” hidden in the shadows of palm trees…


Boracay 2010_33
BORACAY- It is a stunning Filipino island, about 315km away from Manila. Accessibility from the capital of Philippines is either by sea or by air. We choose the flying option and we discover that the rather old miniature plane is actually Czech made so we worry a little less.


You can walk around the island in one day, it is just app 7km long and 1km large but local tuc-tucs are used to move around, its purpose being also a touristic attraction. We certainly don’t need a CAR here.

Boracay 2010_41


There are two main BEACHES here: BULABOG (is the 2,5km long water sports beach known as a kite boarding and windsurfing heart of Boracay and WHITE Beach, that’s simply the most beautiful one for me – charming and more calm! It is not by accident that the Boracay Island has received an important award from the prestigious magazine Travel+ Leisure- “The most beautiful island of the year”.


And isn’t it a bit BORING there? Absolutely NOT… Sure, you can lie around in the hammock for the entire day that is wittily attached under a palm tree roof and read, watch the landscape or build sand castles- Why not? But the clean water sea entices for snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing or swimming and grilling your body a little bit if you spread a good dose of cream on you.



For stubborn golf players there is a beautiful course where you have incredible views on the surrounding rocky mountains and the sea. The afternoon heat forces you to lie down and have a short nap but in the evening, local resorts and small restaurants come back to life with agreeable Filipinos that speak English. They can prepare you some local specialty, fresh fish, prawns or pork in 100 different varieties with rice or French fries.



Asks the local owner, waiter and cook in a friendly tone when we decided to have a romantic dinner on the beach. Well in Asia I must have heard this sentence at least a “billion times”!


In Asia, this question is of utmost importance. The questioner doesn’t only show that he’s curious and speaks English but he mainly tries to decrypt from which continent these tourists are from.. and all this BECAUSE Americans give the best tips and aren’t complicated concerning food.. Australians are relaxed but mainly love everything that is freshly grilled.. and Europeans? Let’s be careful, here are many differences. Germans are perfectionists and calculate everything. French enjoy delicacies and always drink wine.



When he hears that we are from “Czech Republic”, he smiles and runs away for something. We look at each other and wait for what is going to happen. He comes back with Budweiser (Budvar) cans and victoriously declares “PIVO”, which means beer in Czech! Well this truly is a very agreeable surprise…simply a PARADISE!

But let’s not talk about food and drinks only…


SUNSET at the end of the day is really amazing!



32 thoughts on “The 2 must – see beautiful beaches in Boracay – Philippines! Are you thinking about exotic holidays?

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  2. bebs1

    I am a Filipino-American but never been to Boracay. I heard during the holidays the place is just too crowded that the town cannot handle the influx of tourists and garbage. They are encouraging people to explore other quiet beaches less known but equally if not more spectacular which is not hard to find in the Philippines. Am glad you enjoyed your stay.

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  3. Indah Susanti

    Awesome photos Kamila! Your photos and review made me wanted to go to the tropical beach now :)) Thank you for sharing this..would love to return to the Philippines, and certainly it a must be visited..


  4. Cool_Eyes (ChrisV)

    I hope Philippine government can provide more accessible and cheap transportation for local like me to visit and appreciate the beauty of Boracay just like the other foreign tourist. Your pictures narrates the beauty of Boracay, thanks for sharing.


  5. Mary Strong-Spaid

    Wonderful photos….wish I was there. It looks so warm and inviting.
    Here, right now, it is freezing and raining. Tomorrow morning, ice is expected to be on the roads. Aaaah….dreaming of lying on a warm beach underneath blue skies!


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