Athens – a city of ancient Gods!

Do you know which world city is known as a city with the earliest human presence (around 11th – 7th millennium BC)? Yes, it is ATHENS – capital and largest city of Greece, which was home of many famous classical Athenians (Homer, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Euripides…) historians, writers and philosophers!

If you love ancient history, original architecture, interesting monuments and rich mix of culture then you are in the right place! And don’t forget to watch out for the famous patron goddess of the city – ATHENA – who typically appears in armor with helmet and spear. The owl and the olive tree were sacred to her.

Here are my TOP places to visit in Athens:

  • ACROPOLIS of Athens – sitting atop a rocky hills is the most famous of western world’s ancient place with collection of the buildings and temples. The most famous of them is PARTHENON – the temple of Goddess Athena.
  • THEATRE of Dionysus – is a major open-air theatre, situated at the foot of the Acropolis Hill’s. It was used for festivals in honor of the God DIONYSUS – God of the grape harvest, wine making and wine.
  • TEMPLE of Olympian ZEUS – its colossal columns reminding us it was the largest temple in Greece! Zeus was a king of the Gods and the God of the Sky and Weather.
  • SYNTAGMA Square with PARLIAMENT Building – you can observe the traditionally costumed guards with their short kilts and pom-pom shoes.
  • PANATHENAIC Stadium – originally is one the oldest stadium in the world that hosted first modern Olympic Games in 1896! Today it is a multi-purpose stadium used for events (concerts, musicals) and athletics in Athens.

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU see in Athens?

ADDITIONAL TIP for your late afternoon once you get really tired from visiting countless amount of monuments in Athens is PLAKA – the city’s oldest Turkish quarter with a very authentic atmosphere. Here you find many boutiques with local souvenirs and can relax in one of many cafés. For those who prefer bit more of a social life I suggest you to visit a LOCAL MARKET with fresh product (such as olive oil, local feta or kasseri cheeses) and practice your negotiation skills. And, finally if you are looking for a calm place you can go to the beautiful NATIONAL GARDENS and relax here a bit!

A FEW WORDS about Greek CUISINE, which is very famous around the world. I have to admit that I love it! Tradition Greek cuisine has a long history with much Mediterranean influence. For me to put it in a nutshell Greek food is simple, fresh, tasty and healthy.

I suggest you to try Greek lamb and feta meatballs, pork Souvlaki with cucumber salad and tzatziki, Greek Feta Pie or special Lemon Soup. The pickled octopus is so original and grilled seafood is delicious but MY FAVORITE dish is a typical Greek street food – GYROS – roasted meat on a vertical spit and usually served in a pita bread with tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce… tasty at every occasion!!

And how about a drink in the evening? In Greece most evening are spent with group of friends and families – at home or in one of many Tavernas over a glass of Ouzo (aniseed flavoured aperitif). Other options for your nightlife include Metaxa (brandy) and Krasi (Greek wine). So have a glass and enjoy the nightlife…and imagine how people lived here in proximity to gods many, many years ago…

Maybe it is a good tip for your next trip?

103 thoughts on “Athens – a city of ancient Gods!

  1. donnaevaligia

    Athens is indeed a wonderful place, so much of our thought is indebted to those old walked again and again squares. I am surprised it is now claimed to be the oldest city in the world: I had heard before the title went to the urban settlements in the Middle East and Mesopotamia. How interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lucy

    Gorgeous shots! I was about to go there last year, but a few people told me that is a very dirty city and there’s not much to see. Your pictures tell a totally different story though 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Girl Gone Expat

    Great photos and travel trips for Athens! And all the food talk got me hungry, greek food is delicious. Like you say, simple and fresh! But I can do without the Ouzo, it is not my favourite..hehe:)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. smackedpentax

    Athens is one of my favourite cities and the your photos really do it justice. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me that another visit is overdue 🙂

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  5. loujenhaxmyor

    Athens was a bucket list that my wife and I eventually did several years ago. Ancient history being one of my favorite subjects, we hit both Rome and Athens during the same 3 week period. I swear that dog looks like the same one we fed cookies to in the Agora area. The meat and fish market center was also pretty incredible.

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  6. Sartenada

    Lovely post. Your beautiful photos praised truthfully. I have visited it many years ago and found it charming city. From Finland there are charter flights all over Greece, but mainly to its islands. Have You ever visited on some of its islands? What is best man can make short cruises from one island to another. Once we made a cruise from Crete to Santorini.

    Thank You Kamila this excellent post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kamila Pala

      Thank you for nice comment! 🙂 Athens is nice city but for holidays is better spend some time in the Greek islands…I am sure that very romantic is Santorini (we spent our honeymoon there) and very famous is also Crete..but I have no more tips. Have a nice week. K


  7. Meihsiu Hsiao

    Talking remembered that the ancient Greek story of the Roman Empire, and the beautiful Aegean buildings, although I’ve never been, but by u travel record, this is a great city.
    I think the Greek cuisine is a good choice, I really wanted to try and I’ll travel sites included Greece. 🙂

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  8. lolaWi

    stunning pictures, Kamila. what a tour of Athens through your lens. i have been in this charming city once long time ago. it’s wonderful to be reminded of its beautiful history. thank you very much! 🙂

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    You have so strikingly presened Athens!Superb photography and lots of interesting details!
    Huge congrats my friend!You made me feel proud!Sending you warm,spring sunshine from Athens 🙂 All the best, Doda xxx

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  10. Indah Susanti

    Great travel information and as well beautiful images! I only familiar with Metaxa but has no clue about Ouzo. Was it delicious?

    I was thinking to visit Athens but then in the end we visited BCN and Rome last week..maybe next time and certainly I will use your post as my guide!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Kamila Pala

    Thank you Indah! Pleased you liked that 🙂 Metaxa is very good and I have to say for small digestive the Ouzo is not bad :)! And i wish you great trip to Athens – one day. Bye. Kamila


  12. Suyash Chopra

    Greece and Athens is heaven for anyone interested in history of human civilization – cradle for human race, I must say. You have written such a wonderful post about this beautiful city with lovely shots.

    Sometimes feel sad to hear all the wrong news of this magnificent country regarding their economic woes. I hope it gets faster on the road to recovery 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Suyash Chopra

        I love such historical places where we get to know the feats of our previous generation and civilization. Lot to learn from such historical places. I guess thats what enriches our life as well 🙂

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  13. Dalo 2013

    What a great look at the greek/Athenian culture and life, the photos and your personal insights in to the place are great ~ nothing quite like learning of a place through its cuisine. Wonderful Kamila and wish you safe travels 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kamila Pala

      Very nice comment, thank you, Dalo! The history of human civilization is really fascinating and its my hobby – but sometimes is little bit boring 🙂 I prefer share my experiences with a lot of details from normal life…and everybody love good food! Have a nice spring. Kamila


    1. Kamila Pala

      Thank you, Dilip! The history of human civilization is really fascinating and Athens is the city with own special charm and atmosphere 🙂 Have a nice rest of weekend. Kamila


  14. RMW

    Thanks for the memories… visiting the Parthenon was certainly one of the most memorable highlights of my life but for sheer enjoyment you can’t beat the Plaka area. I remember eating delicious octopus and drinking plenty of Ouzo. Love your photos.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Ami (Yearful of Sundays)

    Thanks for your suggestions! Greece is in the news and they can do with more tourists than ever, now, to help boost the economy. I haven’t had a chance to visit this magnificent country yet, but I’m awed by its rich history and I love its cuisine (whatever little I’ve had a chance to sample), so I hope I can visit soon. Lovely pics as well!

    Liked by 2 people

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