Viva La Roma!

I love Rome – to me it is an ideal mosaic of romance and history in the world. The city cannot be toured in a day, there are so many things to discover every time I return here. It’s a one giant outdoor museum that takes you to the past.

A FEW WORDS – Rome is the capital of Italy and the one of the oldest (history spans more than 2.500 years, since legendary founding in 753 BC) continuously occupied cities in Europe and the most popular attraction in Italy. And of course its historical centrum is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Almost everybody heard about fabulous Italian Renaissance or Baroque style. Famous artists and architects such a Michelangelo, Bramante, Raphael, Bernini lived and worked in Rome.

MY TOP – 5 must see places!

  • COLOSSEUM –impressive and massive stone Flavian amphitheater (began 70 AD!). If you like famous movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe, this is where it all happened. I was surprise to learn that women were also gladiators, particularly during the NERO’s times .
  • ROMAN FORUM and PALATINE HILL – was the central heart of the city life around which ancient Rome was developed. Here was the commercial, business and administration center of the city. In the past people met here to see their friends in local taverns or enjoy the soul of small markets or shops even to go to school!
  • PANTHEON –the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture. It is MOST COPPIED and IMITATED of all ancient works. Michelangelo felt it was the work of angels…not men! It is a legendary place in the city’s history. According to Roman legend – it is the place where the founder of Rome- Romulus- at his death was seized by eagle and taken off into the skies with the God.
  • VATICAN CITY – welcome to the SMALLEST country in the world! The Vatican Museums – more than 70.000 pieces can be seen in the exhibition here that is as large as 42.000 m2…unbelievable! Forget about seeing everything in a single visit. I suggest reserving tickets in advance. And do not miss Sistine Chapel – it is without doubt one of the greatest art treasures of all time. Millions of tourists from around the world come here every year to admire it!
  • SAINT PETERS BASILICA in the Vatican City is the LARGEST church in the world! It can hold up to 60.000 people! Entrance is free but you need time and patience…hundreds of people waiting in line to enter!

Also very interesting places are Baths of Caracalla, Roman roads, Villa Borhgese, Hadrians Villa or Spanish Steps.

Here is a good opportunity to taste a ROMAN CUISINE – Rome became a major gastronomical place during the ancient Age famous for some high cuisine & some best chefs of that time. Why? Because they came here to work for the popes! You might not be a Pope but could still try some of the best Italian food here. Spaghetti alla carbonara is one of the typical Roman dish (spaghetti with bacon and eggs) or Saltimbocca alla Romana – a veal cutlet topped with raw ham and sage and simmered with wine and butter. Or how about fried artichokes or tender oxtail stew? ….and also pizzas taste very well! BUON APPETITO.

AND DO NOT FORGET – enjoy your morning cup of good Cappuccino (Italians never drink cappuccino in the afternoon) before you head for some shopping in Campo de Fiori or Via Veneto. And maybe you know Italian FASHION because Rome is also known as one of world fashion capitals although not as famous as Milan. All major luxury fashion houses and jewelers such as Bulgari, Fendi, Laura Biagiotti, Prada, Armani, Versace are represented around here…you can buy something in their boutiques in Via dei Condotti.

I could not wait to see my favorite TREVI Fountain (Fontana di Trévi) that is the largest and most famous Baroque fountain in Rome, or maybe even in the world! I love this gorgeous place from legendary movies ROMAN HOLIDAY and LA DOLCE VITA! Nice tradition here is to throw a coin into the water that shall guarantee you to return to Rome again. Unfortunately (now in January 2015) it is under complete reconstruction! But I believe that one day I will be back to see it shining again!

86 thoughts on “Viva La Roma!

  1. RMW

    Ahh… Roma… I only spent a few days in the city but it was certainly memorable… and when I studied archaeology the Roman Empire was my favorite era. Thanks for the photos. Too bad the Trevi was out of action.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yprior1

    well I guess it was “Baroque” so they had to fix it – ha! get it?
    anyhow, lovely post – and did not know they do not have capps in the evening – only in the morning – but the favorite for me was the picture collage again 0 so nice Kamila 🙂 the up views – the meats – and this and that
    have a nice day! 🙂

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  3. jmsabbagh

    Exceptional post.My wife and l visited Rome couple years ago ,we saw as much as we could during that time we loved the Vatican.Renaissance and Italy changed the the way we live today..Thank you for visiting my site.Jaalal

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  4. equinoxio21

    Thank you for a lovely post.
    Last time I went to Rome was with Woody Allen’s movie!
    🙂 (’97 actually! OMG) Have to book it for the next trip to Europe. (after Paris and the UK)
    That your son with on one of the pix?
    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

      1. equinoxio21

        Sometimes I wonder if we do not construct “apatrides”. 🙂 we traveled extensively with my daughters when they were little, and now they can’t seem to be able to stay in one place. One ‘s in London, the other in DC…
        Bon week-end Kamila

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  5. Girl Gone Expat

    Great pictures from Rome! I’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t done so yet. How long would you recommend for a first visit? There seems to be endless of things to see! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kamila Pala

      Oh, it is not easy answer 🙂 It depends…but minimum for my first visit was for example longer weekend but I recommend you one week! 🙂 in not high season – spring is for me ideal! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your visit Rome. Kamila


  6. DarkHarte Travel

    Another amazing post with beautiful pictures. You make me want to go everywhere you write about. You have a really fresh and enthusiastic way of seeing things.

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  7. loujenhaxmyor

    This was a good flashback. My wife and I spent a solid nine days in Rome itself, mostly walking everywhere– which was worth it. At the time I had to buy an extra camera chip, not realizing how crazy I was going to be taking pictures. Thanx for sharing your info and photos.

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  8. rommel

    OMG! Your images bring back so many memories. I worked and resided in Italy for 2 years. Whenever I couldn’t come up with a plan, my fallback travel plan was to hop on the train and visit Rome. It’s my most favorite city. This really took me back. We’ve taken pictures of the same areas. 😀

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  9. An Englishwoman in Italy

    Thanks for the Like Kamila. Now that spring is coming (sort of) I’ll be posting again. I adore Rome and you are so right about booking in advance for the Vatican. There are so many galleries in Rome … try the Borghese and the Etruscan Museum in the Villa Giulia with the beautiful funerary sculpture of the married couple.

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