Magical Scotland!

Heavy rain and steel grey clouds welcome us upon our exit from the airport hall. The historical and cosmopolitan EDINBURGH, the capital city of Scotland awaits us! It is the beginning of July and as I soon realize I have to change my summer dress and sandals for something warmer, and most importantly for something water proof! I need to immediately buy an umbrella that I forgot to pack… But before I have time to think this through, the clouds disappear and the skies are blue again.

Let our short trip around Scotland begin!

After two lovely days in historical Edinburgh, we directly head to St. ANDREWS- a town that is internationally known as the HOME of GOLF. There are many other famous golf courses in Scotland of course but this one is very special for all golfers around the world! The ancient town is charmingly Victorian and peaceful! The golf course and clubhouse reassure our feeling of true golf lovers. Everything is so stylish and genuine and we can not resist to walk over couple of holes as the course is closed for play that day.

We continue through Aberdeen to DUFFTOWN – this small market town is the biggest exporter of whisky in Britain!!! Here you can not only visit the Whisky Museum that has an interesting “story of water of life” but also probably the most famous Single Malt distillery in the world – Glenfiddich distillery.

We rather opted for a more traditional Victorian Glenfiddich Distillery – founded in 1886 by W. Grant and we enjoyed it a lot! Especially in the tasting room… malt whisky had golden colours and a fruity aroma with oak…unforgettable moment and YUMMY.

For the entire trip, I can’t shake this feeling of finding myself in the movie Brave Heart! Only the warriors and their leader Mel Gibson are missing… The beautiful and specific Scottish landscape is so unique… Round green hills, silver lakes and everything so incredibly green, ouf it’s raining again! Giant bushes of hydrangeas and rhododendrons are just breathtaking! In the village, sheep are audaciously traversing our path… simply unbelievable and original, just like the entire Scotland!

Picturesque and romantic are the words that best describe the ISLE of SKYE, the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. We got there by ferry from MALLAIG, a town with lovely local atmosphere and a working fishing port. On our way back to the capital city, we would contemplate the magnificent medieval castle of STIRLING -the largest city in Central Scotland.

A few more words about the “traditional Scottish cuisine”: HAGGIS is a very famous national dish -maybe you know it from R. Burns poem – Address to Haggis. The main ingredients are minced offal of a sheep, pig or cow mixed with suet, onions, oatmeal, spices and seasoning. I think I preferred Fish and Chips nonetheless – the most popular takeaway dish…
If you like:
– Beautiful green landscapes with romantic castles
– To play golf and football or maybe cricket
– Or are interested in playing bagpipes
– You enjoy whisky (Whisky is probably the best known of Scotland’s manufactured products.)

Then surely Scotland should be on your travel list! What do you think?

And a small tip: Pack a big umbrella for this trip! ☺

75 thoughts on “Magical Scotland!

  1. mick25117

    Scotland is an amazing naturally beautiful place. My favourite place in Scotland is the highlands and Inverness wandering onto Loch Ness. Loch Ness is one of the most peaceful, relaxing place I have ever been

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