Bella Italia – postcard from Portofino!

Famous resort “not only for celebrities” – you must visit it !

Excellent food? Beautiful sights? Sea? Outstanding nature? Yes, most people will certainly agree, that Italy offers it all. And especially I like the relaxed Italians that are always ready to joke around, discuss about everything during an entire afternoon, after a meal, or over an aperitif. Among the most beautiful and renown places for the weekends or for a summer vacation, we can include a fisherman’s village PORTOFINO.

“Such a beauty, it is sure worth going there but be careful because it is one of the most expensive resorts in Italy and numerous World known celebrities come here”- my Italian friend told me. Its fairy like village on the Ligurian Riviera, only an hour away from Genova. “You should rather accommodate in SANTA MARGHERITA (a bit larger village) not far away, and then take a boat to reach Portofino” he advised me.

The morning boat is packed with travelers and families from all over the world. Here it doesn’t seem to be a problem to set off with a child in a stroller or with a baby on your back. Nobody is disturbed by the “bambini” because in restaurants it is nothing unusual to see young parents staying with their children very late. Well sometimes these kids get quite noisy and tired but friendly staff is always eager to joke about it, give out candies and nobody ever complains. Italians just love families with kids!

From scenic to picturesque, this is PORTOFINO. Nonetheless, you can forget about beaches. Restaurants and restaurants again, how else… I’ve got an impression that the main national entertainment is to eat or to talk about food. Otherwise, there are luxury stores if tourists are ready to spend some money. But the MAGIC of this village consists in the UNIQUE combination of HISTORY and NATURE. There are crooked streets and a beautiful church from the 12th century, where remainigs of St. George have been brought to by the crusades of the Holy Land- all of this has its charm. The National Park with various possibilities of walking routes offers beautiful strolls around the village, along with unique scents of sea combined with perfumes of plants.

I personally loved an amazing walk to the local lighthouse. It is about 4km long, this route has a fantastic view on the sea, mainly if you are lucky and the sky is blue (which is most probable in this climate zone). In the surroundings, there is also a historical area of an 11th century abbey SAN FRUTTUOSO. 

And now, its a time for an aperitif and something nice for a dinner…BUON APPETITO! CIN CIN!

PS. My tip for an aperitif – local cheese and salami and glass of very refreshing Aperol Spritz! (fill the wine glass with ice cubes, add slice of orange, 3 parts Prosecco or any other dry sparkling wine, 2 parts Aperol and top it with a splash of soda water )

29 thoughts on “Bella Italia – postcard from Portofino!

  1. sueslaght

    These are fabulous photos! We stayed in Camogli and spent a day in Santa Margherita. We didn’t get to Portofino but are headed back to the area this fall. Your post makes me want to visit!


  2. An Englishwoman in Italy

    That was a great tip for aperitivo – come to Le Marche and try our cured meats and cheese. You’ll like them.


  3. An Englishwoman in Italy

    Thanks for the Like, Kamila. Loved your photo of the salumi, though ours in Le Marche are just as good. Visit us on your next trip to Italy! Also loved your Spritz recipe. Did you know that in Italy the Americano cocktail is called Milano-Torino?


  4. Kamila Pala

    You are welcome! Actually we will go to Italy next weekend – and stay close Alba..that is really great region. And thanks for information about the cocktail. I had no idea. 🙂 Kamila


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