As goes a Chinese saying “Life is a journey”. As a little girl I dreamt about travelling.. and now when I grew up, this dream has come true. I am eager to share my travel experiences, mainly from Asia and Europe.

I like to travel, see new places and taste local food, do new things and enjoy the colours of life!

I am also interested in painting, fashion and literature… I look forward to share my experiences with you!

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247 thoughts on “About

  1. Seenorway

    Welcome to my blog! And thank you for subscribing!
    Let me inform you: Here you’ll find more than 5500 pictures
    – all in ‘full screen’ – waiting for you! Please enjoy!
    And some good advice to make it worth your time:
    IMPORTANT! Please activate a map of Norway, indentifying the different counties!
    Please activate a link to my ‘Index’! (You’ll find one at the end of any post you open!)
    Here you’ll find all reports (and more) listed alphabetically under their respective counties.
    You may also see how many pictures included in each report and which photographer that
    did the job! If you take a fancy to one special photographer, you may insert his/her
    3-letter ID-code into the small ‘text window’ underneath my ‘top frame’. Click ‘Enter’ and see all his/her work! (Photographers ID-codes in lower right hand corner of any picture published!)
    Or you may insert i.e. ‘Oslo’ and see all reports related to Oslo?! It’s easy?!

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  2. Debbie L

    Thank you for the follow! Our travels slow down in the fall and winter as we are mostly with our daughter and her family. We head out on new adventures the first week of January and are not sure where we will actually visit, but it will be in the warmer climate so more of Florida and hopefully, we will make it to Alabama and maybe even Mississippi, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I look forward to see your travels!

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  3. usathroughoureyes

    It is always a joy when we see a new face that looks into our world thus allowing us to peek into theirs. Your “about” page is with feeling and openness. It is going to be a lot of fun to journey with you and see the world through your eyes and words. Show us teach us.

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