MONACO – smaller than the Central Park – you must visit it!

You still don’t know where to go for your holiday?

Do you love monuments, museums or perhaps sport, bikes or fashionable golf? No?? And what about just sitting in a café and looking at charming ladies? Or to drive around on a yacht? Or perhaps you still haven’t tried driving in a cool sports car like the newest Ferrari model! Everyone will surely choose from this wide palette!

I assure you that a little place like this, where you can find just about everything does EXIST! For a few days, you can just relax and it is by the way the only place on Earth where you can see millionaires taking a bus. That’s what I read in the Financial Times and it really is TRUE!


MONACO – officially the Principality of Monaco is a tiny independent country where the Grimaldi dynasty rules since the 1297… In 1956, the prince Rainier III married an American diva GRACE KELLY and this wedding truly gave this small Principality a touch of shimmer! The language spoken here is French but it was originally Monegasque, an accurate mix of Italian and French. There are about 35 000 inhabitants and you can walk around the entire country in about 2 hours! The state has no income tax, low business taxes, and is well known for being a tax haven.


  1. Obviously there is the PALACE of MONACO
  2. The Oceanographic Museum is interesting as well
  3. The Exotic Botanical Garden is amazing as it even has its own cave situated in the rocks of Monaco.
  4. The famous Monte Carlo Casino

In the AFTERNOON it is very agreeable to hang out on the beach where you have numerous restaurants… Or it is possible to choose some yacht with your eyes among the hundreds of yachts you can actually see in the port.

And in the EVENING, it’s great to stroll around the Hotel de Paris and to refresh yourself with a glass of sect or a rosé. From there on, the well-known casino is situated just a few steps away. It is located in the Monte-Carlo neighborhood (Monte-Carlo is not the capital of Monaco but only a district)

What should you not forget? SHOPPING! Luxury brand watches, jewelry and everything from the domain of fashion. The right location is around the Casino or the small shopping mall Métropole. What about this year’s TRENDS? Colors are back again. From light yellow to a shiny orange, finishing with a lime green…knitted jumpers, cropped tops, jeans, dresses. Of course, red and blue colors aren’t missed! Accessories are very diverse and colorful. Chapters of its own are the boutiques with shoes. Wow, such beautiful sandals, or converse style shoes that are all incrusted with Swarovski crystals!

YOU CAN BE HERE – for MONACO GRAND PRIX (2014, 22-25.05). This F1 race is held each year on the Circuit de Monaco since 1929! It is the slowest and the most difficult of all circuits in the Formula 1!

So, what do you think?