MILLIONS….of cars around me, or How to get from point A to point B.

(Place of action- Shanghai, largest city in China.. Second stop- something about the transport)

Old, new, small and big cars, buses, trucks, vans are continuously rolling on multi-lane highway. The traffic jam peak is here „all the time“. When you manage to circulate, it is necessary to zigzag from one lane to another, klaxon loudly and mostly not let anyone go in front of you.. Perhaps someone will think that it parallels some behaviours of Czech drivers but here it is for sure much more powerful!! In Czech Republic I would drive quite calmly, sometimes the Barrandov Bridge would set me off balance or a truck overtaking me on the D1. Here, I am fortunate enough to not drive personally, I wouldn’t be able to bear it mentally.

“WHY is this bus pushing itself into the fastest lane?” I fear the aggressivity of the local public transport driver.

“DOES this taxi driver want to commit suicide by not giving piority? That’s fine but why does it have to be with me sitting in the back of his car?“

“HOW is it possible that on the highway, there are trucks compared to which even the ancient Tatra trucks would look like luxury cars?”

“WHY do „some drivers“ drive half naked (in summer) and why do they have the front windows open (in winter)?”

So this is just a quick selection of the questions tormenting me during my ride around the city. We even live here for more than half a year so I should have gotten used to it by now.. No, I won’t get used to this.

When we come off the highway, arriving on the multi-lane road , the cyclists and motorcyclists join in. „Wow!“. That really is something. A young family: dad rides the motorcycle and mum holding her small baby is sitting just behind him!

Chill. The main thing is that they are moving.

To my question on why do they not use helmets, I have received a straightforward answer. „You can’t hear or see well with them, plus they are expensive.“ No comment.

And how is it with the pedestrians? On a normal zebra crossing applies the rule that the pedestrian has no priority. On a crossing with traffic lights, the pedestrian must stay aware even when the green light is on because bikes, motorcycles and taxis just ignore the lights. It’s good to remember this.

There is one thing I wouldn’t like to forget mentioning: there is a modern and cheap subway! Yet, you cannot expect that you will travel in a half empty wagon, reading your favourite book…

Finally, i have to admit that even after all my „WHY’s“, millions of drivers and all participants of the daily local traffic manage kind of calmly their shifts from place A to place B,C.. incredible.